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    Originally posted by MTL View Post
    i owned a Logitech G7 gaming mouse, and let me just say that it was great....for a year.
    the batteries wouldnt hold their charge anymore and only lasted an hour.
    Yes, I have noticed that too. The batteries are ****...


      Originally posted by [TT]BrundleFly View Post
      Yes, I have noticed that too. The batteries are ****...
      This is the reason I ditched MX1000, batteries used to hold for weeks and warning red light lit when there was at least a day left. Now it's dead in a hour or two after the warning which left me without a mouse on few occasions. I decided to buy wired mouse for gaming and as backup but it proved to be so good (G9) that I just replaced it.


        I used the MX700 for about 3 years and I loved it. I just switched to the MX Revolution and I love it even more. I found it on sale for $40 US, otherwise it's a little pricey.


          Just got the G9 wired for $80 at the local mom & pop shop where I bought all the stuff to build my new PC over Christmas.
          Best Buy wanted $99 for it.

          So far I am liking it, had it on for 5 minutes

          I will download the software for it I guess so I can do some customizing and changing of the LED color on it.

          I am using the smaller hard rough plastic shell instead of the bigger rubbery feel exterior.

          For those that do not know, you can switch shells on this thing.

          Google Logitech G9 reviews, it gets good score.
          However a guy on Newegg's site says if you are a palmer (likes to rest your palm on the mouse) this is not for you, as it is shorter than the traditional kidney bean shaped mouse like the G5 and G7, and other rodents out there.


          Not running any of the weights in it yet, and it is about 1/3rd the weight of my MX700 wireless.

          Looking forward to trying it out in UT later today.

          If the G& wireless had two side buttons on it, I would have gone for it.
          I have to have my two side buttons for surfing and managing the forum I run.
          I hate mousing up to the left corner to go forwards or backwards on a webpage or even Windows Explorer for that matter when you are working in your folders on your hard drive.

          Logitech messed up big time by not offering tow buttons on the G7.


            im loving the G9, but i wish that they added another button on the top right/side where my ring finger would usually rest.