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Unbalanced matches at campaign

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    Originally posted by Medu Salem View Post
    I seem to have missed that locking feature via orb... Have to try that
    Yes, when you are close enough to a node your team owns there is a 'swirly link' from the orb to the node. This signifies that the node is invulnerable to enemy fire.

    Originally posted by ArmageddonAsh View Post
    just finished a map on 2vs6 and it was soooo easy like how you can have more people trying to kill you i think that was a good idea though having it in warfare mode makes it really hard at times.
    On TDM it doesn't matter... heck, I would prefer to battle 6 bots on my own! With WAR and (v)CTF the amount of team members is MUCH more important because you can't be everywhere at the same time.

    Originally posted by Perfect_Dark View Post
    Onyx Coast and Avalanche i lost first time round then just use time to win hold the center nodes.and dont try to win.Just keep that centre node the match is yours.
    That's the point... I don't want to 'just keep the center node' and wait out the time! I want to win the match.