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Who or What Censored My Game?

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    Is there a setting in your options to alter Reduced Gore to Normal? The only setting in the English version to alter this is that option, so perhaps you've something similar in the Austrian version.

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  • started a topic Who or What Censored My Game?

    Who or What Censored My Game?

    I have purchased UT3 from Austria so it has German language and it's the 18+ version with blood and gore.

    After playing online (for the first time) the blood suddenly disappeared. I have now set the language to English mainly because of the 'Headshot' sound. I now have full gore and blood again.

    However, I think this is something Epic should take care of because I think many Germans imported the Austrian version for some extra Euros because it's uncensored. I, for myself, don't care about English language but I could imagine that some people do.