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My takes on UT3 [played on both PS3 & PC]

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    My takes on UT3 [played on both PS3 & PC]

    I had the chance to try out UT3 on my computer and today my UT3 for PS3 finally arrived. So I tuned the settings on the computer to get similar visuals to my PS3 version, and then played them both for a few hours and just had a few things to say to people that might not have bought the game yet, or just a few mentions for those that already have it.

    I entered 'stat fps' in console to show the fps on the computer and was noticing around 11-22 fps during gameplay/wandering round the maps with about an average of 13 fps while combating. I was really impressed with the graphics (although I've been away from PC gaming for a while). It was sometimes frustrating to play (being an ex-counterstrike player in my teen years) with the lower fps, but it was still fun if you can bear it..)

    I did not notice much frame rate drop on the PS3 version. Yes there is a difference between the gameplay in COD4 (60 fps) and UT3, even though UT3 is faster in gameplay then COD4, it played surprisingly well and i like the way they masked it with a bit of motion blur when turning fast. It is a different feeling to playing a game at 60 fps but it is more than enough to really enjoy playing the game (even though I'm not exactly a hardcore fan of this type of fps yet I had a lot of fun playing it).

    When using the controller the 30 fps limit of the PS3 version made no difference, gameplay (aiming) was too slow that the fps limit didn't significantly limit me. (Enjoyable, but what actually made me purchase UT3 a week after buying COD4 was the fact that it supported keyboard and mouse and so I had to test it out, which is why I've mainly played that ).

    With the keyboard and mouse i was surprisingly impressed with the general feel. I was using the new apple bluetooth keyboard and a wired razor mouse with sensitivity to 1 and mouse smoothing off.
    Before the game arrived i was really worried that there would be serious mouse lag and that got me searching forums to get some mention of it....anyway, it is there but its very very slight, (it's actually worse on my PC, I think because of the fps on my pc). It hardly affects gameplay at all except when sniping and zoomed in - it is harder than on the computer but not impossible.
    Apart from that i absolutely loved it. I hosted a few games and people connected in no time at all (probably because of the lack of EU servers at the moment - Im in London).

    [Request] Apart from what has already been mentioned about the voice chat fix, i was wondering if it was possible to include text chat in-game on the keyboard & mouse matches...we have enough keys, and no one seems to respond to the messages that we can send in-between matches

    Thank you for reading, I will respond to any questions/discussions.

    (My computer specs (I think 1-2 years old):
    3.2 GHz
    1GB RAM
    X850 PE - latest ATI drivers (the new ones released about a week ago)

    ps - on about 2 or 3 occasions i felt a aim assist on the ps3 version, at one time a player jumped across me from about 2 metres away and my screen tracked's not too bad the aim assist, and its not as apparent as COD4 multiplayer.