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    i cant be arsed waiting for a reply in troubleshooting and technology sections so im gonna post it here...


    Recently i was playing on Unreal Tournament 3, i was running the game at 50-70 FPS on most maps except one where it dropped to 10-25FPS.
    Anyway it dropped so low, i crashed to a blue screen which had (i think something like) NV4_Display error message. I couldn't do anything so i manually re-booted my PC, then when i restart it i loads XP and the Motherboard fine but as it loads desktop it either freezes or crashes again to a blank screen with weird patterns of color on it.
    I did roughly 3 days ago overclock my Nivida 7600GS 256Mb because i needed faster frame rates however it ran fine on all other games and on all other maps on UT3.
    Bering in mind i have not got my XP installation disk any longer.

    Yes i have the patch installed & all driverrs up to date

    Thanks for any help

    ok.. if no1 knows the answer can sum1 tell me how im suppose to re-install drivers n stuff if it doesn't even load, is their a way of resetting the configurations without actually having to load desktop


      I replied in the other thread.


        think someone with a similar problem posted in the troubleshooting section . might look there sorry no ideas