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    Hi ppl

    Im having issues with user profiles...

    I created a profile and made a mistake in my email address... I looked for a delete profile button or even a profile select menu ... None!

    I then searched for the profile files in the 'documents and settings' folder and deleted the appropriate file... thinking that the profile was deleted i then launched ut3 again and tried to create the same profile with the correct email this time ... It told me that this profile already exists or the username is already in use

    how do i remove a profile entirely

    one more question... Can you give your bots voice commands through a mic like ut2004 ???

    I'm not sure but I don't think you can delete it, the info and name are registred now to an email adress that obvisiously isn't yours and maybe doesn't even excist, I'm affraid you'll have to make a new one with another name :/


      So thats it hahahaha maybe they should make a patch that comes up with a warning message for create profile : ' WE DONT DO HUMAN , so get it right first time !!! ' ..

      o i suppose its not too serious , just would have liked to have been able to use my usual alias details... o well thats a cappy crapster!

      I see that when playing offline ut3 does not keep any of your saved imformation (graphic settings and campaign progress) but it does online ... Whats up with that ??? can you fix that ??? (without being a bad asss programmer) I have noticed there are a few complaints about this already...

      Does anyone know if you can still give bots voice commands like ut2004 !