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How do i get rid of this?

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    But FPS are the units to measure animation smoothness. Everything we see on screen is "animated", its not real.


      I agree the teamnames are **** annoying and blocking my view too. Ive seen them off and on, so it might be a server admin control thing ?


        Originally posted by Chadwixx View Post
        The names above my teamates heads. Its very annoying because you cannot see.
        I've been wanting the same thing ever since they added that type of clutter back in UT2x. So far the closest I've gotten is a mutator that Solid Snake wrote for me for UT2004, and it works offline only.

        So you're not alone, but there's no fix yet. I doubt after all these years Epic will remove it (edit: but then again.... they removed weapon toss after years.. so you never know ;p), so it's probably going to be up to the mod community - if it's even possible at all.


          Bump of the day.

          Anyone know what its called? Or which ini it maybe located in?


            Originally posted by Chadwixx View Post
            Thats 1280*1024, maxxed res for most on non widescreen lcds.

            I bumped it up to 16*12 and it didnt make much difference.

            I was playing at 16*12 with 5-5 detail and intense post processing but its too hard to compete with it. Avgeraged 70-120 fps like that and its too slow.

            Vsync is terrible, once your fps drops to 75 you get 15ms input latency.

            When you turn off depth of field (beer goggles) the world detail automatically goes to 1. So not much of a choice there if your trying to shoot people more than 30ft away.

            Thanks for the advice so far, any help is good help. Still looking for a fix.
            70-120 fps is slow? Wow...