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Warfare too vehicle dominated?

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    Warfare too vehicle dominated?

    I'm just writing this whilst I wait for my food to cook

    At the beginning, I quite liked Warfare, it was entertaining and a new gametype for me (didn't really play ONS). The main frustration was the 50% of deaths coming from 'Hit and Runs'.

    As time has progressed, it has become more and more obvious that Warfare just is not a game for people that like to frag. I play probably 70-80% of the time on foot and only ever usually see a few good players that like to frag with their weapons. Usually, they're mid-table scorers.

    So who are the people that score the most points? Who are the people that get 10+ killing sprees? People in vehicle.

    I genuinely believe that about 90% of large sprees come from people in vehicles. Either a goliath, manta, nightshade or the airstrike one typically.

    The people who score the most points (and I've specced quite a few of the high scoring players on local servers) either wait for, or portal to a vehicle and then go somewhere - often to a tank node.

    A typical plan is for this person to go to the tank node, grab the goliath, get a dominating, unstoppable, godlike, etc then die, return to the tank node, get the goliath, etc.

    They get such high scores by gaining points at tank nodes that are rarely defended and then easy kills in their tank. Most of the time you wont see them near a prime node. As soon as its attacked they race ahead to get the excessive points from the core.

    It helps them win as they provide support for the rest of the team who are focusing on the real targets, yet despite barely seeing a prime node their score towers above everybody elses.

    My point is that the gap between the typical on-foot player and a typical in-vehicle player is massive.

    The game rewards players too much for just sticking to tank nodes and never getting their boots muddy. For me, as somebody that likes to frag, this is an ever-increasing source of frustration. One that leads me to think that the DM, TDM and CTF are the only way forward (for the fraggers)

    Is this something that other players feel to? and be sure to mention how much you use vehicles compared to fighting on foot

    Well it also depends on the vehicle balance of the map itself. WAR-MarketDistrict has no vehicles. WAR-Downtown has vehicles but they don't dominate as much in say WAR-Torlan. Because of the build of the map. Also, the methods to take out the vehicles are more complicated than taking people out with vehicles. Example, with avrils, fire them up first then jump around the corner to lock it on a vehicle. Instead of jumping around a corner and then firing the avril. Tanks are easy to take out with manta's and raptors. Raptors: take a minigun and first primary. Manta: take a minigun and fire primary untill it gets close and then start pushing it away with the alt fire. This is very tricky because the alt fire is not exactly hitscan. But, don't try to avoid sitting in vehicles in gamemodes like this, because they are still a huge part of the game. If you get the oppurtunity to take a vehicle, do it


      The problem, IMO, is AVRiL placement. Avrils are what balances out the vehicles against the players. The problem is that in UT3 avrils are few and far between. In UT2K4, they were numerous enough that even some weapon lockers had them, not just the individual weapon spawners. In UT3, I have yet to find a weapon locker that has an avril and the actual avril spawners are usually way off in the corner.

      If you want to run around on foot in warfare, make sure you grab the avril


        Yeah you're right there. I always grab an avril if they're nearby... but they're only nearby in certain areas. If they were much more available, then vehicles would have less impact and people could choose whether to be in a vehicle or on foot.


          I agree 100% with the OP.

          There should be more avrils. But also, I think vehicles should respawn slower. Its frustrating to have to take out some n00b on a manta only to do it three more times on your way to a node.

          Vehicles, I think, appeal more to people who are less skilled, and the abundance of them is a way to make the game more casual for those who enjoy it.

          Can't wait for no-vehicle mod maps to start rolling out. A slower-paced, but more skill-heavy warfare would be much more fun for me.


            If the Enemy uses Vehicles, use your own.
            As Taboen said, n00bs in Tanks are no problem, cause they dont know how to use the second seat...


              I'm not exactly sure how the scoring works but I've spectated loads of Warfare matches and I usually end up watching the topscoring player and most of the time they seem to be on foot capturing/healing nodes etc and fragging people along the way, I don't think you will score particularly well just by hogging vehicles so you can run people over.


                I always spawn at the base to get the Avril, and meanwhile I take a quick look to see if there is neglected stuff there , like Det Charges, an Orb, a Nemesis, a DarkWalker...


                  The point of the game is to win. Often the best way to do so includes the use of vehicles. If you don't like them, then Warfare really isn't the game type for you. Or you could play Sinkhole (only a few mantas) or Martketplace (no vehicles at all).

                  Imagine two teams, one who spawns only at the node closest to the fighting, and prefers to go in on foot. The other teleports to any node that has a useful vehicle and then brings it to bear where the action is. The team that is vehicle oriented will win.

                  Watch your back to avoid being run over and carry an AVRIL whenever possible. Use the teleporters to go to a node that has one if there's not one nearby.

                  I'm a little confused as to why you'd complain about it. It's Warfare! Of course there's going to be powerful vehicles. Why would I go head to head with you if I can sit behind armor plating? If I wanted to do that I'd play TDM or DM.


                    The Team with the Vehicles win cause they use everything what they get, and thats the Advantage...
                    Placing too many Avrils on the Map will cause that no one will use Vehicles, thats not the Point...


                      Originally posted by Harmatia View Post
                      more skill-heavy warfare
                      sfunny that you think no-vehicles has anything to do with skill. As if fighting against vehicles does not require skill. Just mash some buttons and that pesky Manta will go boom automagically?


                        I do it telekinetically. No need to mash buttons.


                          Originally posted by Xyx View Post
                          sfunny that you think no-vehicles has anything to do with skill. As if fighting against vehicles does not require skill. Just mash some buttons and that pesky Manta will go boom automagically?
                          What he means is that people IN the vehicle require less to kill someone on foot needs to kill the one in the vehicle.


                            Originally posted by Lillien View Post
                            My point is that the gap between the typical on-foot player and a typical in-vehicle player is massive.
                            There is no such thing as a typical vehicle or on-foot player and if you are really one of both, you're certainly doing something wrong in Warfare. If you talk about sprees, score and winning the game, it's all about balance of vehicles and on-foot fighting. Tank camping gives you less score than active orb running and fragging (given that you are able to take out a few people on foot).

                            Personally I don't see the problem... and about AVRiLs: There are simply enough of them, just memorise their location and get them before you leave your node. ;P


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