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What would you like to see in a CTF server?

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    Is it possible to build a IG-Vote-Mutator? ...and of course no translocator...


      I know your talking CTF but I ran across this custom
      DM server running two neat maps. This is now my favorite.

      One is called DM-BathroomIII the other DM-Flatware.

      Both are well done large levels where snipers can florish and
      the rooms are great for battles.

      Check it out

      If you want to play it some just look for either of these maps under

      Hope this gives you some ideas. These are the kind of maps I
      would like to make myself.


        Originally posted by F3NR!5 View Post
        Is it possible to build a IG-Vote-Mutator? ...and of course no translocator...
        That's a good question.

        Regarding DM, I have nothing against hosting DM matches either. Basically the way I ran the {LoD} server in the past was to switch gametypes occasionally, and generally advertise on GTF/INA/Atari/PU forums about the existance of the server, and people would tend to come here and there.

        The server is primarily CTF in part because when I sign up with a server host they ask for a default gametype for the server, but it's not limited to stay that type always. And CTF is essentially where my clan focused the most attention on. But we did it all, and I intend the new server to basically repeat the same performance as before.


          Originally posted by Mort_Q View Post

          Any chance of a No_Translocator mutator being used!? I know I'm in the minority here, but I don't care for it.
          I would be playing CTF if it weren't for the translocator. So yes, no_translocator mutator enabled please!