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UT3 Server Lists - Sticky Please Epic??

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    Not to sound like a flamer / lamer / whatever you might call it, but why not play the ACTUAL game rather than some modded up version that prolly looks worse than my rear end.

    Just seems a bit weird to me, thats all.

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  • started a topic UT3 Server Lists - Sticky Please Epic??

    UT3 Server Lists - Sticky Please Epic??

    Wasn't there a sticky at one point that had a listing of really nice new UT3 servers that people could then go check out?? What happened to that thread??

    I don't know what forum it should be in, but would like to start it again so I can promote our server that we waited so long to get out there.

    After a long wait for the Linux server to be released, we finally have our UT3 server up and running on our linux box.

    Server IP is

    We are mainly a VCTF clan so that is what most of the mods/mutators and maps are geared towards. Right now we are running:

    Multi Jump
    Flags in Vehicles
    No Vehicle Locks
    Hi Speed Low Gravity

    I am working on getting the new sniper rifle on there tomorrow which will make it like our UT2K4 box. I then will be battling the OMFG gun. I have something that I can use in the interim that will shoot 3 rockets, but I am having trouble getting the 10 rocket alt-fire to work. We will get there!!

    The hover board and transloactor are both key bindied to the same key(Q), so just scroll through your weapons to get to the transloctor.

    I know if you love our UT2004 server, that you are going to like the UT3 one as well. Stop by and give it a try and give some feedback in the forum! I can code, but I am always looking for talented modelers/texturers to put my coding with. I have some great ideas for tanks, but I don't have the talent to mod them.

    So hopefully this can somehow become a sticky where other people can advertise their servers. Hope to see you all online!