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Using the leviathan supergun and artillery

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    Using the leviathan supergun and artillery

    Question from a UT2004 oldtimer, but UT3 newbie...

    I've been playing UT2004 for a long time and just got UT3. In UT2004, if you wanted to use the big levi gun, you would right-click and wait for the mode change. How to you use the big levi gun in UT3? The same trick doesn't work for me. I've also tried switching seats, but I just get the corner turrets.

    As a similar question, I can't seem to get into artillery mode with the artillery vehicle. Pressing "2" doesn't switch me to the other seat and the left/right buttons just mess with the shock weapon.

    I've seen the bots in the campaign use the big gun and the artillery, so I know it's supposed to be possible.

    I have installed the 1.1 patch.

    Press space to deploy both the Leviathan and the SPMA. For it to work, the vehicle must be stationary and have all wheels on the ground.


      Also on the SPMA, once you have it deployed the act of firing is a little confusing too. Fire once, and when you click again it deploys a camera from the projectile. You then have this view from which to see where to shoot (it calculates angle and shows you). The enemy can shoot down your camera easily, if they see it.

      Spacebar also deposits Nightshade's mines.



        Thanks for the tips. Jumping switches modes.