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    Reflections upon the game

    Well I just finished single player and some mental notes that came up in my mind while going through the single player and playing some multiplayer from time to time.

    The single player does a few things right: it teaches a new player the maps and some tricks like where the powerups are, what special features are in the map and basically familiarizes the player in the official maps so he/she has some idea of what to do when playing online. Not only giving pointers to the maps themselves, the story provided some background on how map came to be which was pretty neat I suppose if you wanted to get into it some more. The story itself did feel like war was going on and you were being deployed back n' forth on different fronts which could be a good and bad thing depending on your expectations. The downfall which many people have hoped for was an actual single player mode like HL2 for example. When I saw one of the maps that reminded me of HL2, Im like "Wow... if HL2 was with these kinds of graphics that would've been amazing". Now if UT3 had these kinds of graphics, which it does, with a fully fleshed out single player like HL2, that itself would've sold UT3 off the shelves very fast because many casual FPS players first need to be immersed into the single player before going online. Going from mission to mission really breaks that immersive feeling from the game, its like you suddenly got cut out of the action. Unfortunately the single player experience has some core elements that may relate to the multiplayer experience that might not as excite the player as much when thinking of playing online. It can feel like you already played it online and that's the end of it. The other faults of the single player experience is that, its just not varied enough. Ever since Epic decided to cut out Assault, Bombing Run and Double Domination from the game mode roster, it not only hurt the single player experience but it felt like the single player was dragged on and on when I complete mission after mission after mission of just plain fragging, CTF or ONS. I use the term ONS instead of Warfare because Warfare just feels like a souped up ONS but nothing more. You're still capturing nodes and stuff but even with the new objectives added to make the ONS experience a bit more diverse, its still capturing and capping nodes here and there from that point on.

    My personal gripe with Epic is that they trashed Assault mode. I don't care anymore about the missing dodge jump. I'm convinced at the gameplay is pretty **** good and stands on its own. I like dodge jump still and I think it was an awesome concept but I can see the scaling problems and how its different from UT3. Now if I wanted assault mode, I gotta wait and hope someone makes it for UT3.

    Tycho of Penny Arcade recently did make a good point: you need to go the extra mile to get more out of the game which is a big fault in UT3. Want more mods or extras out of UT3? Gotta either make them yourself or look for some.

    The reality is that there are still many people surprised to learn the actual parameters of your product's much-touted mod support.
    This entire discussion is about one partially delivered part of the game.
    If Epic wanted to attract more players, they should've released a better single player to really immerse players into the game. Overall, I think the game is great: the graphics are awesome, the game runs very smoothly on my computer even though I was afraid that it wouldn't run on my BFG 7600GT and the gameplay is top notch non action fun but in it all, it needs to be expanded upon to really get a full realization of what it is capable of. In a FPS saturated market like today's generation, Epic needs to make that extra push to attract more players and not just trying to recapture their old original Unreal Tournament crowd.