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How can i get good graphics while having good framerate

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    How can i get good graphics while having good framerate

    i was just wondering what settings would people recommend for having good graphics while still keeping solid framerate

    much appreciation from any responses

    Easy answer: Buy an Nvidia 8800 GT or better.

    Hard answer: What are your system specs? There may not be a way to do it.


      Well good is a subjective term.

      Also you did not mention what hardware you have.

      Anyway I think the first thing I would try if I were you is set the textures to 5 and set the world detail to 1. If that isn't good enough quality then turn up the world detail to 2. If you find that it's not "good" enough for you then go up again. If you find that you get to a point where it looks good enough but the FPS is not good enough then try lowering either textures down 1 notch or world detail down 1 notch.

      Another thing I tried which works pretty well is setting world detail and textures to 5, then exit out of the game and modify the ini file so that bloom is disabled and depth of field is disabled, it increased my FPS yet textures were still on high and I still got reflective textures.

      The lighting does get changed a bit when you do this but I still think it looks pretty good, also I decreased my res to 1024x768 when I did this.

      Even after I did that, my FPS would still drop below 85 however if I just wanted to get 60 FPS constantly like this then it would have worked fine.

      In the end I decided to turn world detail down to 1 because then my FPS never drops below 85 and although some of the textures don't look as nice I value fps over looks.

      Anyway I hope I have at least helped you a little bit hehe.


        Depth of Field is the only thing you really need if you want a cosy atmosphere, I noticed during my testing. Shame it hurts your framerate. (Or does it? I seem to have a weird performance bug so can't really tell)


          lol, Depth of Field is the first thing I'd turn off.


            i think if you put the graphics on lowest the game acts like its on medium (i know because right after joining a map, the textures would be super low detail and then jump higher to your settings, which for me was "lowest")