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UT3 Running on 4.5 year old laptop

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    UT3 Running on 4.5 year old laptop

    Just thought i would share this with you guys, since i was completly suprised that it Did run. Dont know if anyone has posted this before, so excuse me on forehand

    My laptop specs:
    Name: Acer travelmate 4000
    Processor: 1 core 1500Mhz
    Ram: 512mb 2×256 PC2700 (166mhz)
    Gfx: Ati radeon mobility 9700 128mb (420/210)

    Here is a screenshot. All specs on lowest possible, and screenpercentage at 50%. Got between 20 and 45 fps, and im completly amazed
    Picture :O)

    ps: i though have a complete new system with a 8800ultra, so it was just curiosity

    Not bad, not bad. Maybe I'll try it out on my work computer (1.7ghz 512mb ram, 128mb PCI video card)


      Yea this could also be for the people that have a bit older system that want too try it out. It was playeble for me, did win a bot match WITH mousepad