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    custom content was a massive hit yet they crippled it in ut3... in the bonus disk's movie they say most of them at epic are from the modding scene so they must know that they screwed up, atleast we can have custom maps as per usual! but custom characters are way harder than they should be! they should create a faction called custom if it is hardcoded... easy solution really, maybe in a new patch... but yeah the xan models are cool theres a xan mk1 floating around too thats very nice aswel, I am more of a Malcom guy myself and have no idea why thundercrash isnt playable!? maybe because its not a proper tourney?!


      Well at least the custom maps do work and work on the custom character scene is coming along ... I agree that they messed up by making it more difficult but it may be there are some hidden benefits we just don't see yet. We'll learn more as time passes. But you should see how messed up custom gametypes are ... they can't even have their own config screen yet (next patch should fix this since they are aware of it).



        Yeah I knew I messed something up becuase I kept getting weird ***** bugs but now that I put it in the right folder everythings great!


          Err, is there a way to relocate the "C:\My Games\UT3\etc etc" folder and make the game use it from there?
          Just that my C:\ is only 10 gigs and used to run Windows, I won't be able to fit much custom content onto it, especially considering the size of these things.