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Freezing [PC]

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    Freezing [PC]

    i have searched the forums and have come across similar threads but none that are specific to my problem,

    ok well, i got the game today installed it n played a good 6 hours on of gamign, no lag, no freezing nothing but pure fun gameplay.

    Then i restarted my PC...

    ... it loaded the game as normal then i went on multi player logged in, chose the game i wanted to joined, The loading screen came up, the unreal logo span once then froze.

    I then after 5 minutes of button bashing to close it, restarted the game i joined a different server on a different game type, same problem.

    i then restarted by PC again n tryed offline in instant action n the map loaded but i froze before i had chance to do anything...

    i have waited up to 10 minutes with it on the same screen n nothing loads or changes, i do not get an error message wen it crashes...

    my specs are:

    Intel pentium D 2.80 ghz

    1 GB corsair RAM

    Nvidia Geforce 7600 gs 256mb [3d fuzion]

    Windows Xp SP2

    thnx for any help

    plus. i have installed patch & latest drivers


      Tried the UseMinimalNVIDIADriverShaderOptimization=True ?

      You rig is quite dated though above minimum specs, that CPU is killing you though, it's really bad.


        lol im a noob at this ****.. cud i just ask if u cud plz give me the path to the ini :P

        [embarrasing] ^^


          Good job EPIC releaseing a bug filled game and ruining everyones holiday that got the game and tried and tried to get THIS BETA **** to run. Just to let ya know the game runs fine for me but there are 1000s of people who are having major issues and that is nonsense for a company like EPIC.


            ok found it lol. n yes its True


              also i bin meaning to update my rig for sumtime now..

              just a boost of income would really get the ball rolling

              seriously i dno what to update my RAM, graphics card or CPU first?


                I have crashes, not very often but they do happen. Once every couple of hours, everything freezes and I have to reboot my pc.


                  This thread may help you out some:
                  Which driver version are you using?


                    the BETA ForceWare Release 169


                      just adding... in the 6 hours [give or take] of gameplay the game looked stunning n was not laggy or rough to play except in some opne areas of certain maps


                        Originally posted by harvest3r View Post
                        the BETA ForceWare Release 169
                        I mean which specific one. Is it the 169.21, 169.25, 169.28?
                        You might want to try both the 169.21 and the 169.28.
                        It seems odd though that it would work for hours and then stop like that. Maybe someone with more knowledge can give their opinion.