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    Maybe because EPIC joined forces with Microsoft and it rubbed of and now UT3 is a Vista.


      Aware for most amount of complaints and bugs?

      I kid.. I kid.. I am really loving this game now.. it grows on you.. kind of like a rash.. it/s the ONLY game I ever play. So as much as I ***** and moan about it, I still love it.. kind of like the wife :P


        Originally posted by DeadlyDevil View Post
        UT3 is my GoTy and my all time fav game, nuff said
        Same here man ... I don't care what anyone says there is just no game this awesome and no game that gives you this much modding control. I have all the top PC games and I don't even play ANY of them anymore except for UT3, and I haven't touched my 360 in over a month because of UT3 so there is no question that for me this is THE game and worth the wait even with the issues.