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    Ut3 Pc

    I'm about to buy UT3 for PC but I was wondering if its worth the money.
    Cause there are a few other shooters with a great online mode, like CoD4.
    Can any1 help me with this?

    In the long run it will be worth it,soon as epic sorts out the bugs and stuff.
    I think it`s a great game,so really it`s up to you if you want it now or wait until it`s properly patched.


      Is it worth it?

      Well, bear in mind that buying UT3 means you get thousands of people constantly updating, morphing through mods, creating new content and keeping the game fresh for you for years to come.

      Heck, UT'99 is still going strong! Have a look over at Mapraider for some of the recent work!

      Buying UT3 is buying into a huge community of talented, enthusiastic and passionate people. I have been playing UT since the day it was released in'99...still a great game and a great community.

      Yeah, it's worth it.


        ok guys u convinced me, im going to buy UT3 for sure.
        ty for ur information.