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How does the servers works ?

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    How does the servers works ?

    Hi people,

    I have learned that there is no zoning for the PS3 games for now, and that US games can be played by a EU PS3.

    I am going to the US tommorow and have planned to buy UT3, and here goes my first question : " Does UT3 is out for PS3 in USA ? "

    If the answer is " yes " than here is my second question : " Are the UT3 PS3 servers internationals ? Will I be able to play with European people while having a US UT3 ? "

    Please people, tell me I can buy it and have the US voices instead of my boring french language.

    Thank you all,


    Yes you will be able to play against people from Europe.

    Though when there are some more PS3 UT3 USA players you're probably gonna play with them because of the ping.


      Thank you very much for the rep.

      I'll buy it

      See you IG