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The Bonus Disc / History Of Unreal

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    GJ on the youtube vid. Maybe you should add UT3 to it the way things are looking..


      Originally posted by Justme600 View Post
      Ghehe, so that's why I like UT so much, I just skipped UT2003 :P I went from start UT2004 to UT99 to UT3 :P

      And the "other" game lacks indeed alot, so lets hope another "UT2004" comes saves the day.
      That is not how a company gains the respect of gamers. NOT by making a half ***** game than selling a better one a year later. If Epic does this with every UT than no one is going to bother playing it. UT 2003 was unfinished and UT 2004 was what 2003 should have been in the first place. If they make a UT 3.5 or something I would be ****** off because my 50 bucks towards 3 was a waste. They had 3 years to make this game happen. It feels rushed and unfinished because they decided that console gamers are more important. If they made the PC version first and then ported it to the consoles it would have been better.