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PC System Requirements?

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  • PC System Requirements?

    Hey People,
    Was just wondering is someone can help me, i want to tweak my PC to make the resolution and graphics as good as i can get them...

    Does anyone have any ideas what like Size Ram,Graphics card,...ect. would make computers run smoother and provide the top quallity gameplay and graphics ???


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    get an 8800gt if your computer can handle it


    • #3
      2gb ram (u dont really need more), 8800gts (this will make u play at max in everything) and a intel c2d e6750 (quad is waste of money buying for gaming) and ur rdy to go


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        just recently looked on and you can get 2GB [cheaper brand] for $50. Its crazy how prices have dropped within the year.
        definitly get a dual core, you can find cheap AMD ones for $60-100


        • #5
          If your an ATI user get an 3870. Mine runs great on this game maxed out.


          • #6
            Having a dual core is important. I'm still sporting a Athlon3200+ and the load times are awful.


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              Dual core cpu. 2gb ram. 8800 series graphics card. If u want, a x-fi sound card. Ut3 is one of the few games that actually uses x-fi potential.


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                Originally posted by Abasuto View Post
                Having a dual core is important. I'm still sporting a Athlon3200+ and the load times are awful.
                Im on a 3500+ and it only takes 10-15secs to load the maps


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                  Loading times are more dependent on your hard drive and ram than anything else.

                  Quad core isn't a waste in money, a Q6600 at 2.4Ghz can outperform that E6750 @ 2.67 Ghz (and the newer iteration of a Q6600 runs cooler than previously released versions, so you can easily overclock to 3.2 Ghz on a stock cooler)

                  I recommend at least 2 GB of ram at timings 4-4-4-12 or lower, and something around the 8800 GT in terms of GPU power.