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Join a server from a windows command (bis)

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    Join a server from a windows command (bis)


    I already posted that question during beta stage with no answer
    I want to know how to launch UT3 then join a server by a windows' command.

    In UT2004, it was easy :
    UT2004.exe IP:Port

    In UT3, the game launch is always interrupted with the useless "CLICK THE BUTTON" consolsh1t page before logging process. Can't we get rid of that ???

    Someone told me about a way to launch the game with an -exec command :
    UT3.exe -exec batch.txt

    Putting "open IP:Port" in batch.txt should do the job but it doesn't for me...
    And anyway it seems it doesn't log you properly when joining the server.

    I know this is a very "accurate" question but I haven't found any answer yet and I can't imagine no one cares about that issue ?!
    This thing implies that UT3 can't be launched on a server from a windows command or an external app/server browser etc...

    Thx for any help or useful link !

    NB : From windows = from windows... not from ingame console so answer is not "open IP:Port"