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Holiday FragFest Starts 8pm est On Friday! [PS3]

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    Holiday FragFest Starts 8pm est On Friday! [PS3]

    Hello All,

    This is my first post to these forums. I picked up UT3 for the PS3 the day it came out. Awesome game. Have been busy playing it, and also looking through it and its different modes. Ive also been reading the forums here as well.

    Seems like a solid community. Im looking forward to being a part of it.

    Anyway, I run a PS3 UT3 dedicated server, full 16 player whenever Im not using my PS3. Typically it runs from 6pm est to 9pm est, then again 1am to 7am est on the weekdays, and almost all weekend long 24/7. It runs Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. I haven't looked through the other game types as of yet (but suggestions are always welcome).

    You can find the dedicated server under the Playstation Network ID : ebstone in any of the above game types when browsing to join a match through the UT3 interface.

    Its a pretty solid connection (so Im told) and the larger, 16 player matches tend to run smoothly. I look forward to the mods and new maps / levels people will be making so that I can run them on the server as well. BTW, if you have a mod or a level you would like me to DL and run, drop me a note here or on the PSN.

    Also, starting tonight, Friday at 8pm est Ill be setting up the server to run through Sunday. You can look here for the full schedule of days, times and what gametype will be running. Its something called "The UT3 Holiday FragFest". Its basically for all those PS3 gamers who have finished their holiday shopping and want to get into bigger battles (16 player) in UT3 on the PS3. I plan on leaving the sever running (only stopping it to change gametypes) throughout the entire weekend. I cannot participate in the matches, being I am one of those who still has holiday shopping to do LOL ...

    Enjoy the server, and again -- any suggestions are welcome. You can drop me a note here in these forums, or send me a message over the playstation network (My ID : ebstone).

    Have a GREAT holiday everyone!!!!!