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[PS3] to-do list! Please Epic!

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    [PS3] to-do list! Please Epic!

    Hey Guys thanks for the really good Game for PS3.
    The Graphics are awesome!

    But here is my very very important to-do list:

    1.-free voice chat! for teamplay/friends only or ffa! How to talk? Press the mic button...while running? Push to Talk is stupid.
    2.-Better Voice quality! (The quality varies between good and not to understand)

    Try to look at Resistance!

    Not so important:

    -better clan system/support
    -draw ping times in the leaderboard
    -draw bigger playernames
    -(server) private friendslots
    -dedicated PS3 server version for win32/linux. listenserver are not a option.
    -more Filteroptions (like >Ping, Country)
    -Server Favs

    In Unreal 2004 the best Parts was the Clansystem Support (with IRC and many more)
    Why is nothing in the PC/PS3 Version?

    The 2 times I actually heard a voice, it sounded really crisp to me. Better than on Warhawk even. Like I said though, I never hear voices anyway so I'm sure the quality varies.


      I have only heard a voice once lol, was pretty **** anyways. EPIC are working on this hard I bet, or just partying with our moneys!


        Also...TYPE CHATTING would be great. you say GG, GL, HF, ETC ETC ETC. And if you can't do a full type chat because of other issues, maybe add a few chooseable phrases so we don't have to taunt the heck out of the people at the end of the game.

        I find myself frustrated not being able to say "Hey man...that was a good game"....or " Can we play this gametype" or w/e w/e.

        You get the jist.