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    Originally posted by antych View Post
    Where's the option * sinper is lame, remove it.

    You got my vote!!



      The sniper is faster than in UT2004.
      The UT99 sniper was overpowered.
      The headshot hitboxes are the size of the character model's head, so it's fine.

      If anything, decrease the ROF.


        ROF, damage and hitboxes are fine, I just don't like its general style.


          (poor english, sorry but I am sad.
          The Sniper must be replaced by LG

          UT 2004 was very hitscan ! In UT3 Epic had chance to make the game with more balanced weapons . BUT NOT !

          I see Rockets and Flak in UT3 and yours damage, velocity and ROF are ok ( except by Flak secudary ), but adding the fact: " the player stand much more time in ground " makes game very stronger to Flak and Rocket.

          The Rocket and Flak (from UT3) with new features (velocity and damage) would be perfect in UT2004 where those weapons are not strong and players realy are a little bit floating.

          Strong weapons more and players more time in the ground, this factors conjuntion results in non weaponbalance! Now, user create a thread with poll about Sniper ROF. For what ? Only to make Sniper more strong, because in the UT3 is useless. Rocket and Flak was more or less useless in UT2004, now are fundamental in UT3 change place with hit scan weapons. Where are weaponsbalance ?


            All weapons are fine, whoever complains is a ******. Just look at your answers, one person complains that the hitbox is too small, other that it's too large, wtf.


              weapons are generally fine in UT3, personnaly i would see just a weeee bit faster sniper and flak, just a weeee bit. However I do not agree that getting headshots is easy, it doesn't bother me at all though.