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Will a Radeon 3850 + Opteron @2.43 ghz(4800+ x2 equivalent) give me 60 fps?

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    Will a Radeon 3850 + Opteron @2.43 ghz(4800+ x2 equivalent) give me 60 fps?

    I'm planning to buy a new video card that will at least give me 60+ fps while upping my graphics from the current level 1 texture and level 2 world detail @1024x864 settings that I have it at. My system is an Opteron 165 overclocked to 2.4 ghz(4800+ equivalent), 2 gigs of DDR 500 running at 243 mhz, and a 7800 gt running in PCIe 2x mode.

    I'm hoping that with a Radeon 3850(for $177), I will be able to at least up the graphics settings to 4/4 texture/world detail while having a smooth 60 fps in every moment except during the most demanding scenes(which I will accept).

    Please help me, especially those who have a similiar setup to mine(with the 3850 card). I really want to crank UT3's graphics up!

    Thank you, later!

    Highly likely, yes it will give you 60fps. This game is nowhere near as demanding as games like crysis, but can look just as good.

    I have the Opty 165 also (939) but ive yet to get another cooler to overclock, and my ram is rubbish so i need to use a divider.


      umm doode thats more than enough, because i have the same Opty 165 [939 socket] but at 2.2Ghz [mobo 250fsb limit unfortunately] and with a 2600xt 512mb/ddr3
      i get 45-62fps at 1280x800 with everything on high. wish it was 62fps constant. itll dip a lil, but never below 35
      i dont know how much faster a 3850 is. If its equivalent to a 2900xt then thats good enough.


        Hi Guys=D
        Thanks for your help, I appreciate it. I checked some benchmarks, and it seems that you are indeed right guys. In the benchmarks, the 3850 came within 10~ fps average of the Radeon 2900 xt. Great!

        Thanks for the info guys, I appreciate it. Have a great day!