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How old are you? When did u start playng?

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    I am 28, started playing on PC with UT2k4. Now I play PS3


      I am 29.
      Been playing FPS for 10 years.
      Other games 10 years prior to that.


        yikes all these youngsters. I started playing Unreal but really got into online play/clanning in UT99. Have been an adrenaline addict ever since.


          I haven't played any of the UT series previously. I'm 45... and was an avid PC RPG/MMO gamer before acquiring my PS3 and getting into shooter style games.

          I find the poll results quite interesting and it's nice to see some older gamers represented. My husband is 50 and has just recently started gaming. He used to play Warhawk with me in splitscreen so I bought him his own PS3 for Christmas and he is becoming quite the gaming addict! He finds UT3 a little too complicated and fast for his tastes, so he likely won't end up playing the game (though I love it!).

          If the game had a comprehensive co-op experience with more of a story, he may well have become more intrigued with the game and played along side me in co-op mode... but the co-op is really nothing more than offline play with bots so it holds no interest for him. I think that EPIC missed an opportunity to draw new gamers into the game by neglecting either a splitscreen experience (or LAN disc sharing) or a more comprehensive co-op experience. Watching me play the game, he simply finds the game confusing - and intimidating.


            It's fun to see that alot of girls actualy play games like UT3 too!
            We should make another poll about what gender you are...


              Whoa, sexist or not, dunno how to interpret the last comment but if you did post a poll like that then you'll have abusive comments in it i bet.

              Started on ut2004 demo, moved onto ut on ps2 (terrible game) went back to ut2004 and played air buccaneers.

              Then i've been waiting for ut3 ever since


                im 34 got into unreal tournament since it was out on my then - underpowered pc had a lot of fun with 99/2003/2004 i stopped playing as of november this year as the fun of the new game didint seem to hold me - or maybe iv changed, im not sure.. i still game on other things though.


                  Buncha youngster one here
                  I am 50, and started with UTGOTY when it came out, I think 98?
                  I got it and Quake III at the same time.

                  Played mainly Quake III as the PC at the time did not do UTGOTY very well.

                  Built a better PC and fell in love with UTGOTY, and then got UT 2004, and that PC choked on it.
                  Built another PC (my last rig before the one in my sig I just built over Christmas break) and UT 2004 ran super smooth.

                  Picked up UT III and my last PC was a little chocked up on it, so that is why I built the brand new one.

                  Started gaming though back around early '95 on my P90 with Windows 3.11.

                  Jedi Knight was the game of choice back around '96 to '97, played that on dialup with the Microsoft Zone thing.
                  That was a great game, but a lot of cheaters.

                  I would have to say though that the best games I have ever played are the UT series and Quake III.


                    Played since 4, so it would make it around 16 years. Amiga, Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, XBOX, PC etc.

                    Played UT from time to time before (due to no broadband connection until last year)..


                      20 here, been playing games for a good 13-14 years. I remember when solitaire was amazing on windows 3.1 First real game to me was age of empires, first FPS was half life, and first Online FPS was counter-strike. btw im immortal :3


                        21 and played games since... I dunno, 12 I guess. And I started my UT career with Unreal Tournament.


                          36 and this is my second foray into UT. First was the original UT. Quake 3 and CS were also being played heavily, especially OSP mod 3wave with most of its iterations (Capture-Strike mostly).

                          As for gaming, sheesh, 1979ish with a TI-99, then an apple II, somewhere in there an 8088 and a mac. Then 8086 and all this before 85. All x86 after that but jumped around the OS spectrum. Throw in Atari, Coleco, and various Nintendos along the way. Game wise its been way to many to remember all of them except the major standouts.


                            Originally posted by Exghoulfiend View Post
                            So anyone play the mod Tactical Ops?
                            ye, played it for a couple of years, also in a clan. but i've retired from TO for like 3 or 4 years now or so ;P

                            ont: i voted for 10-20, even though i think i was under 10 when i played for the first time (i think the first games were indiana jones and the fate of atlantis, monkey island 2 (most likely every lucas arts adventure out there ), tomb raider and wolfenstein 3d ;P). now i'm 21.

                            been playing ut since 2001 (and still do play it!), before that i mostly played q3 or jedi knight


                              14 started playing when I was 3 (lol)

                              I'm an ok player but I should be better playing that long!


                                27 and been playing since Unreal came out in '98.