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Ummm, I thought "unlockallchars" unlocked all characters? (PC)

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    Originally posted by Archon3 View Post
    Sorry..typing in a hurry.. Ok. In the zip file, if you double click on the XAN BETA file, and keep digging you'll end up with 3 files.. Um.. Those 3 must be unzipped to the same folder it came out of.. **** i dunno how 2 um um..the file order in the zip file must correspond with the files in the UTGame dir. in my documents? *just make sure that the XAN folder isnt just simply doesnt install properly. You must extract and place them yourself? If i dont make sense i apologise.. I cant think straight i am VERY drunk atm.

    Where is this zip file located in the first place? its nothing that comes with UT3 what I can see