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whos with me..hear me out

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    whos with me..hear me out

    wats up gents n me out if your a vet..

    I've always loved Unreal...and I got the ps3 version the day it came I know its new, but I'm hopin for alotta updates in the future...

    I'm all about the graphics and I love the levels..but there def. needs to be more..I've been lookin at several of the maps that vets have made for the PC and theyre amazinggg.

    So how is it going to work for ps3 users when were able to download new mods?
    I know it'll go under your downloaded content...but like whats the deal with all of that? will this be happening anytime soon? I gots to get me some sweet levels sooon...TDM,DM&CTF

    and I know people have been complaining about the ****'s drivin me nuts...just the way online multiplayer was setup is weak. Now I know its totally different...but look at COD4...the rank system and online in general is addicting for most...because the setup keeps you interested....Unreal is reminding me of The Darkness online...well, thats kinda low, but u get it..theres just not enough...there needs to be a room where u invite friends or sumthin...jeez

    now finally my fav. futuristic run n gun is on the ps3....yes its complete mayhem and frustrating at some points...buts its still Unreal..keeping its badass status from the past....i just wish there was more too it...

    does anyone know of some diesel updates to look forward too 4 ps3?

    You can't even compare this to COD4. Plus the lobby system/ranking on UT3 is so much better the COD4, that is one of the worst I have seen. What we need is a R:FOM lobby and this game would own


      Ya cod4 isnt even ranking. Its basicly how long/much you have played.


        i said it was totally different..i just meant the way u keep unlocking new **** keeps you tuned in..but yeah an r:fom lobby would be tight