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Got it workin!!!

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    Got it workin!!!

    Just wanna say thanx ta everyone connected with this forum for helpin get this thing workin.
    I had ta whine a little ta relieve the steam in my brain, but if i wanna play ut3, i gotta fix it. With alotta help here.
    With some basic sticky fixes and a good amount of thread followin and readin and readin and readin, it seems ta work good now.
    Played today for about 5 hours or so. Good frame rates. No freezes. Zero freezes.
    The main monkey wrench in the gears was antialiasing. I switched it off, then tried it at 2x, and it seems to have made all the difference. I read where it is a major problem to use AA.
    Happy and thankful. Now if I could just learn how ta play good!!

    DFI Lanparty Nv4 SLI Expert
    Athlon DualCore 2.2G
    2G G-Skill DDR400
    Seagate250G SATA
    XFX 8800GT 512MB(single card)
    Audigy2 Value


    Are you new to Unreal? There are some good tip threads out there on how to improve your gameplay?



      go there for some good game tweaks.