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Got it workin!!!

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    go there for some good game tweaks.

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    Are you new to Unreal? There are some good tip threads out there on how to improve your gameplay?

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    Got it workin!!!

    Just wanna say thanx ta everyone connected with this forum for helpin get this thing workin.
    I had ta whine a little ta relieve the steam in my brain, but if i wanna play ut3, i gotta fix it. With alotta help here.
    With some basic sticky fixes and a good amount of thread followin and readin and readin and readin, it seems ta work good now.
    Played today for about 5 hours or so. Good frame rates. No freezes. Zero freezes.
    The main monkey wrench in the gears was antialiasing. I switched it off, then tried it at 2x, and it seems to have made all the difference. I read where it is a major problem to use AA.
    Happy and thankful. Now if I could just learn how ta play good!!

    DFI Lanparty Nv4 SLI Expert
    Athlon DualCore 2.2G
    2G G-Skill DDR400
    Seagate250G SATA
    XFX 8800GT 512MB(single card)
    Audigy2 Value