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Bug List being compiled for Epic:

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    Bug List being compiled for Epic:

    Here is the current list of bugs (and some features that probably need to be added):
    Here is the "Bug List" for the game. Features that would be good to add are in red and some of them are bold.
    • Multiple weapons in players hand
    • bots getting stuck in meshes and at certain spots in maps (Containment for example)
    • Bots get in Nemesis, drive near a prime node, and sit there the whole match (Avalanche)
    • In vCTF-Kargo, bots will drive a Scorpion to the top of a ramp, jump out, and leave it there
    • Bots sometimes get stuck in the Manta in the doorway on Suspense (haven't seen this since the demo)
    • Lack of motion blur option even though it is in the config and UnrealEd default game environment has it
    • Hole in the mesh of a certain character (
    • Flying scavenger (
    • When the rocket loads its last rockets, it often will switch to the next weapon, then fire the last missiles
    • Gun animations and sounds going out of sync and out of sequence
    • Servers not showing the actual map they are on. Happens most in the Warfare gametype apparently.
    • Ragdoll on hoverboard glitch (Youtube video,
    • With hidden weapons, sniper rifle + amp makes an amp glow show up around a small invisible weapon on the lower portion of the screen, off to the left.
    • Invisible projectiles (especially rockets and shock balls)
    • Redeemer exploding nearby while zoomed in with the sniper rifle will cause gun to shoot off center
    • General issues with feign death hitbox sync and strange movement when standing up
    • Can't spawn at beginning of match bug
    • Mantas getting stuck half underwater.
    • need setbind to work properly. The current system to bind keys is just far too cumbersome.
    • White arrows in CTF/VCTF option in menu
    • Weapon bob setting in UI
    • Advanced video options
    • Throw weapon (without having to edit a file to do so)
    • Mid-game option to spectate
    • Copy/paste in console
    • OpenAL crash
    • Redirect compression
    • Webadmin
    • Improved demorec
    • AI basically has perfect reaction time (Needs 0.25 or 0.50 to a minimum)
    • The arm on the Stinger disappears entirely rather often.
    • brightness and contrast console commands don't work anymore, only gamma.
    • Instant Action match settings return to default every time that screen is entered
    • Using the Sniper as a Krall, a small dark box in the lower left of the screen appears and disappears intermittently.
    • Model resetting to default during random matches.
    • Scoreboard ping is never correct, f6 shows 0 ping 60% of the time.
    • Inability to bind certain taunts/animations to keys
    • Inability to add servers to favorites without disconnecting
    • Separate and advanced controls over Enviroment/Player/weapons/vehicles textures(bring the Advanced menu back)
    • With the translocator or enforcer, the first person model will disappear if you walk straight up to a wall
    • If a shock ball and a charged bio shot collide then the goo is left hanging in mid air
    • Semi-colon and colon being confused in text/chat

    add all of these to this thread

    he is trying to compile everyones suggestions in one thread



    i just did

    thanks for the find tho