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How can Epic save UT3?

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    vista sp1 is coming with the fix? With more people using more bugs get worked out in the end more great games.


      Originally posted by Arnout View Post
      Vista performs worse than XP regardless of how good your hardware is.
      What was that? A non-pithy comment? No sarcasm? It's not a true one liner, Arnout. Please, go back on/off your meds. I miss the entertainment


        ok well on and off topic here

        im upgrading to Vista Ultimate 64bit tomorrow i will post more on game play after that

        but for all of you "issue ridden people" i have an AMD x2 64 3600+ 1.9 ghz
        3gig ram [capped] home basic vista on it now 8800 GT 512 mb vid
        250 gb sata drive and UT3 runs almost faster than ut2k4 both at 1024 x 768 as i am stuck on a 15" monitor

        it did lock up for 3 seconds 2x before i upgraded from 1.5gig ram but other than the ugly asz demo the game has been beutiful and smooth from the start

        but playability yes this is the most amazing FPS for DM/Duel

        Warfare is ONS i dont see any major difference except usually less nodes but same basic game play, new levi kinda sux compared to the old one

        the impact hammer im so happy to see back in play love the alt fire

        now i have yet to see the spidermine gun or similar ones but w/e i kinda prefer the old flak alt fire compared to the way high angle of the new one makes it hard to run backwards jump and lay one on ur feet

        i will have to say i do miss AS i like having to fight for a common objective and do it faster than the other guys, plus they each had a short simple story to them which is more than i got out of the entire SP story, just sounded like he was talkin **** between matches as i payed no attention to what he was saying, i like the campaign mode tho even for MP its fun always random map and random game type i definatly miss bombing run too wasnt much but was fun at least on a SP level a mod/mutator for that could be fun

        and yes the shield gun or some variant would have been nice or a change from the altfire on that enforcer to charge em with the forearm woulnt be bad

        on that same note i would prefer the impact hammer to the shield gun, but think they should impliment a batman style grapple to so you could swing into a hover jump or something ways to speed across the map as always buy i dont expect that to happen

        really i love the game play the 1 hit kills are dissapointing at times but it plays into the realism of the game it can take me 4 rockets to kill a guy runnin from me if i just splash him but if i nail that **** right in the back of the neck 1 is all it takes, if you think back even as close as 2k4 when you locked on 1 rocket could do the job un armored, which is close to true here

        i would love to see the physx go to the next level with like broken arms and legs ribs n **** like that

        break a leg from big fall walk slow or lop sided hobble, break an arm and have char shift weapon and have ****ty aim [unless your ambidestrus lol]

        the drivability of the hellbender could be tweaked make it harder to turn its a truck for crist sake i feel like a 2yo behind the wheel left right left right oh god were dead...

        the SPMA was an incredible improvement along with manta cicada raptor bender visually and the buggys suicide driver is awesome, and the necris vehicles are a bit odd at first but fun i still think the flyer is kinds stupid but i love the big marble with legs that thing would be so fun on ut2k4 that long canyon as map the name escapes me currently but you know what i mean

        and i also think that epic should look at the mod community i belive they are called "afterburn" for a game type

        u see what we did to ut2k4 with race maps seriously look at the possibilitys now

        the 2 things hugely on my mind would be merging that tornado map with a race map that would be fuxoring awesom!!

        and maybe reverting to the old firing style of the bender turret so you can charge it up and knock cars over

        over all i am pleased and eager for the updates whatever the outcome i will be playing UT3 and i wont exactly be retiring ut2k4 yet either


          Originally posted by SetOfAllSets View Post
          Find a way to support an "old school", backward compatible mode of ut2k4 ONS. If UE3 can support the import of old ONS maps (no increase in texture quality in necessary) with weapons, mutators, etc, a large fan base will be very happy.
          Well I've already seen a DM server (forget which clan) that tweaked the physics and added dodge jumping to mimic UT2004 movement. Also they have fast weapon switching. Felt like home.


            I like the maps in UT3 They are really superb. And respect to epic for this big amount of vehicles and maps, they are all really cool.
            At the beginning there was unreal than came unreal tournament and out of one product splitted 2 different products. Unreal tournament and Unreal were two seperate games. Now they try to merge the two series.
            While Unreal tournament is like soccer, unreal itself was just a singleplayergame. And thats the problem with the vehicles. You cant play soccer with for example 14 against 10 gamers. it is an unfair advantage for the other team. Leviathan against this big walker(dont know the name) from the necris. Is this fair?


              Against a team of players that actually play like a team, sounds fair to me... /shrug


                Originally posted by priest865 View Post
                Leviathan against this big walker(dont know the name) from the necris. Is this fair?
                It seems to work out fine actually, aslong as both teams have some idea what they are doing.

                The Levi is like a fortress, very hard to take out, and can deliver alot of damage when its deployed, but its not very mobile, and very slow.

                The Necris gets two darkwalkers, and a few more light vehicals, they are a bit out gunned, but have mobillity, played with a little smarts, they have more than plenty to turn the fight around.

                The only problem is that many UT players are not very good at vehicular combat, they try to rely on the health their vehical has, but thats not going to get you very far, with vehicals its vital to use the terrain to your advantage, if possible use hull-down positions, and shoot-and-scoot tactics, let the light and fast vehicals break through weaknesses in the defense and cause confusion and mayhem, then move in the heavies and start pounding them from range, basic devide and counquer stuff really.

                Its a bit tricky in pub matches, but we mange quite fine in Red Orchestra anyway, even with a broken Voip system, people just need to realize what combat role their vehical should be filling, and what kind of tactics that work.


                  I (and many others - although most don't know it) currently have to switch off OpenAL for the game to stop crashing.
                  Fix that and let us paste in the console and I'm happy.
                  We already got CustomUT which has fixed almost everything else.


                    It's too late now, the game is out and the game is buggy and not ready for competitive play...

                    The solution I see is a Special Edition in 1 year, bug free, features currently missing and new maps.
                    And a Free Bonus Pack for users that bought the orignal game.


                      its too late indeed... amount of people online is ridiclous low.....

                      - U need a too good computer to run this at decent fps online....
                      - Too many missing options / features / bugs / problems..

                      which is a shame coz i (and i think we all) do really like the ingame play


                        For me its simple the more I play it the more I enjoy it
                        so for the "haters" go frag something


                          The thing is, the cat is out of the bag. The game is out, so we're going to play it, regardless. Same thing happened to UT2k3. People played it anyway, and eventually UT2k4 came out and even more came to play.

                          So in the meantime many of us are actually doing something constructive, like trying to help others play the game, rather than declare it dead or recommend others play a different game. That's dumb. And people like that shouldn't be posting here on these forums.


                            well... ppl dont write stuff down to annoy ppl.... they write it down coz its the trueth


                              Originally posted by Grobut View Post
                              The game doesen't need to be "saved", it just needs to be patched.

                              The only thing UT3 strictly needs to become a great game is stabillity (bugfixes), and the menu options back that we all thought would be there (because they allways have been in UT games), when we get that, everything else will just be iceing on the cake.
                              I agree with this. Let Epic do the fixes with patches. We still need a bunch more.

                              As far as changing the game, NO!

                              This is NOT UT04. If you want that kind of play, play that instead. Let's move on to something else.

                              Let the modders and mapmakers fill in the gaps for gametypes. They will do a good job at it. Just looking in the forums here you can see all the maps being released.

                              We just need to get these into the multiplayer mainstream.


                                Originally posted by MaRuXeLo View Post
                                It's too late now, the game is out and the game is buggy and not ready for competitive play...

                                The solution I see is a Special Edition in 1 year, bug free, features currently missing and new maps.
                                And a Free Bonus Pack for users that bought the orignal game.
                                Do you really think they would offer a free bonus pack? If they actually do i might have more respect for that company.