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    I remember RoAR and unfortunately it was DOA in UT3 in the online scene, and once wind of AS coming in UT2k4, I think that was essentially the last straw in it's development, and efforts later went into making AS maps of that day for AS in UT2k3. It wasn't the only mod for 2k3 that came out and bombed, but I was personally surprised it didn't fly, given the hype and community support for it.

    But then we knew how hard it was to make unexploitable AS maps, especially given the split mentality of the AS community. One side was pro-exploit and the other side was against them. 2k4 AS was essentially designed to minimize it, if not prevent it entirely. But even so maps still had to be more carefully built, and often larger and/or outdoors, given the high speed and varied movement options. And scripting objectives were more an issue in AS than in other gametypes where you either just fragged opponents or stole their flags, or took over a control point. You had to do things that essentially put AS maps in the same league as scripted single player/cooperative maps in terms of sophistication.

    I will say this, however. The new visual scripting tool will probably be a boon to AS mappers, and I'm sure we'll see some interesting ones at some point.


    I want go back and elaborate on what I've discussed previously in this thread, and in others. Epic has released three types of retail releases.

    1) The first edition release. Unreal. UT2k3. UT3 (usually the first of each engine generation)

    2) The new version release. UT. UT2k4. (usually the product of so many good changes it becomes it's own full-fledged title)

    3) The updated version release. Unreal Gold. UT GOTY. UT2k4 ECE. (usually the product of significant patching and content upgrades)

    Basically I see Epic coming out with either a type 2 or 3 release by next Thanksgiving/Christmas - not a type 1 release. I don't see a next-gen engine release. I don't see a completely new title with different assets. I see UT3 is the building block for what's to come, and I think Epic could either just re-release UT3 with more patches and some additional maps, mutators and characters and call that UT3 Gold. Or they could release a new title with all that but additional gametypes and a new campaign, and that would become something else. And this product would be given the same treatment that brought us the original UT and UT2k4, and likewise the high praise those two games brought to the Unreal series. I think in this new retail release there is probably room for Assault as a gametype there.

    Here's my official prediction: I'd look for Unreal Warfare out next year, with an extended campaign (basically extra chapters beyond what we see in UT3 now), more gametypes, more maps, more mutators, more characters and armor, and and I suspect there will be a lot of effort by Epic to make even more new WAR maps in that release. I think this will be Epic's last hoorah for the Unreal series, before they move onto a new game series title. And it'll also be a 10 year anniversary for the Unreal series, so I suspect it'll be amazing.


      I predict by thanksgiving/christmas someone might actually give a dam about what ultron says. goodluck ultron we are all with you


        Originally posted by Ultron View Post
        Epic has released three types of retail releases...
        This is a good way of looking at it. But I still think that the chips have fallen. If the community wants Assault so badly for Ut3, they'll have to do it themselves.

        With other gametypes already having dev teams to bring them back, its telling that nobody has claimed Assault as a project. When the rubber hits the development road, Invasion and Mutant have a stronger following than Assault, it seems.

        I'd also be interested to hear what makes Assault so unique that the Kismet system and Warfare can't replicate it.


          I now believe Assault was take out because of time limit. They have way too much stuff to do. basic stuff like fixing the server browser.