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UT3[PC] Patch - Overview of Community Requests

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    UT3[PC] Patch - Overview of Community Requests

    ===Welcome to the PC Community Requests===

    This post will show you a summary of the wishlist from our community!
    Some will be the same but maybe with different arguments!
    So i putted them all here just to see all kinds of motivations and arguments for similar needs!!
    Keep in mind that there can always be more then only 1 reason for changing things!

    I tried to locate the requests into some smaller headlines which they belong.
    Just feel free to correct me if i made some mistakes, but tbh its all about being mentioned over then the correct position in this list...

    To the community (You ):
    This is a list with features that "maybe" will be there in the near future! But dont count on it! And dont expect them in the next patch!
    Its is just a wishlist from "us" and hopefully it will be the "red wire" for EPIC for future patches!

    To Epic:
    This is not a list you "MUST" do to keep us happy. This is more a list to see what "SHOULD" or "COULD" be done to satisfy even more people in the community and to be sure that also this game will be there for both newbies and competitive objectives.
    For the rest its all your choice offcourse whatever you will do with this list!

    Thank you!

    =====READ BEFORE POSTING!!! PC ONLY!!=====
    What should you post here?
    • Missing features (options/settings/possiblities)! (only those that were there in UT1, UT2kx)
    • BUGS/XPLOITS in the game!
    • New features that will improve allot
    • Last but not least: Update current requests with adittional info/proof(Threads/links etc)!!

    What should you NOT post here?
    • Personal ideas/wishes like "i want a blue menu...!" or something!
    • Major changes to the game engine (they rather develop a new game instead of doing that!)
    • Questions/Discussions about new patches will be removed!!

    What I am looking for?
    • Some entries in the list are too vague and needs more info so it easier to recreate the problem and easier to solve it!!
    • See the yellow (*) behind a bug which needs more input
    • Provide additional info Proof - Screens - Videos - Threads - Links to supply better defined bugs/xploits.

    For the rest all common forum rules apply to this thread as usual !

    ===Complete wishlist so far from the community!===
    ===Color Legenda===
    Fixes, Bugs, Xploits, Glitches
    Changes, Preferences, Opinions
    Fixed & Solutions
    Mentioned in Patch 2


    - BUG: Occasionally: Unable to run the game from just starting it up. The Splashscreen comes up and stays permanently on the screen whilst Unreal Tournament 3 stops responding. Cannot start the game unless I open task manager and end process for the Splashscreen, and then open UT3. However, this takes a few tries before it works.
    - Better Italian Translation (at least for menus) eg. Arms is Braccia and not Armi
    - BUG: Proper localization of the patch which is not the case with 1.1 (every new items in the menus are in english despite my game is in another language)

    - A more readable font (a lot is "italic")
    - WARFARE: Nerf/fine-tune scoring in Warfare to reflect effectiveness more please. (Eg. In particular, awarding 1 point per 2 HP damage to a core is ridiculous..... When entering pubs on teams that have every node captured (aka all the hard work already done), hit the core immediately and finished at the top with 1/3rd more points than the second place guy with less than a minute spent in-game.)
    - WARFARE: Respawntime for orb. Currently Orb-rushing-tactics ruin the gameplay greatly(Post)
    - Being able to launch the game and join a server straight from a windows command(Thread)
    - DUEL: There should not be armor stacking in duel mode. Cuz now players are forced to hurt themselves in order to pick-up the Shield belt for example
    - DUEL/TDM: All types of armor (Vest, Tights, Helmet) should not be available right after beginning of the match. Apply some spawn-delay for them too. It was a truly brilliant idea in UT2k4, don't ruin it.
    - DUEL/TDM: Damage AMP and Shield Belt (and the other powerups) must spawn at the same time, at some point after the beginning. Players/teams should choose witch powerup is more important for them at the moment.


    - BUG: Correction of a tiny cosmetic bug in the UI : "when you open the menu to choose the level of the bots, the highlighted level is not the currently selected one but the one just below in the list".
    - Less Cluttery UI (no need to go 5000 screens when you need to change one option)
    - A main menu that doesn't need to load
    - option to remove background map from the main menu to improve load times


    - BUG: the loading Rocket Launcher to Hoverboard Suicide (*)
    - BUG: the dual enforcer animation breaking (*)
    - BUG: Multiple weapons in players hand Shot
    - BUG: Rocket launcher needs fixing. every so often i have loaded up the last three rockets in the rocket launcher to fire them, only for the game to switch weapons as the counter hits zero. therefore losing the rockets in the process as it does not fire them
    - BUG: Bio problem is if the bio hits a shock core in mid air, the bio gel floats in that spot
    - BUG: Fixing the rocket bug (some direct hits not registering)
    - BUG: Occasionally the crosshair fix doesnt work with custom crosshairs on some spots (Thread)
    - BUG: When you get a UDamage and you pick up a better weapon with auto-switch the weapon doesn't Glow.
    - BUG: With hidden weapons, sniper rifle + amp makes an amp glow show up around a small invisible weapon on the lower portion of the screen, off to the left
    - BUG: Invisible projectiles (especially rockets and shock balls)
    - BUG: Redeemer exploding nearby while zoomed in with the sniper rifle will cause gun to shoot off center
    - BUG: The arm on the Stinger disappears entirely rather often.(*)

    - Change inability to throw weapons in weapons stay games
    - Ability to drop weapons(Weapon Throw). There were debates about it, but this a feature thats really needed for competetive gaming (TDM with WeaponStay OFF)
    - A checkbox to remove translocator from any game
    - Flak secondary trajectory
    - PipedSwitchWeapons
    - More vehicle (particularly manta) knockback from shock secondary
    - Add clearly visible tow indicator on all vehicles
    - Better indication of when and who is grappling to a vehicle
    - Larger Link Gun link radius and better indication of when link effect is actually happening. (fix link working like UT2k4 style)
    - Destructible traps (spidermines in particular)
    - perhaps Longer Translocator trajectory.
    - Camera on Translocator
    - AVRiL's scarcity. Maps such as Suspense don't even have ammo caches for the AVRiL, limiting players to 5 shots of this gun unless the player dies and respawns gunless.
    - Alt rocket does not fire instantly uppon release when loading up first rocket. This is about .8 second you cant fire your RL


    - BUG: The manta often takes strange poses when u hit water from a high distance, don't think that's supposed to happen
    - BUG: Fix nightshade bugs. ( After healing the nightshade, the deployable ammos' numbers become wierd)
    - BUG: If you press "left and exit" when in a vehicle then you get out of the right side of the vehicle. If you press "right and exit" when in a vehicle you get out of the left side.
    - BUG: Goliath engine sound remains after it has been destroyed and parts disapear (same thing with DarkWalker).
    - BUG: Can't flip some vehicles over when it's laying on it side. The flip icon appears but you enter the vehicle instead of flipping it
    - BUG: Player models are floating above the seat on the Manta, as a result their heads stick out of the Manta model
    - BUG/XPLOIT: Flying Scavenger (Thread)
    - BUG/XPLOIT: When in the tank if you drive forward into the backside of a barricade, press 1 & 2 repeatedly to switch between gunner and turret the tank will climb over the barricade. It works for any obstacle under a certain size. It's a bug/exploit that needs to be fixed

    - BUG/XPLOIT: Leviathan's rocket turret. It's supposed to fire rockets in very short bursts, but by holding primary and repeatedly tapping secondary you can turn that into a continuous stream of projectiles, effectively tripling the turret's DPS
    - Improve audio on the vehicles so you can hear them when they are coming
    - Manta sound needs to be louder, as well as Hellbender and Scorpion's engine.
    - Switchable view modes for vehicles
    - 1st person vehicle view
    - Zoom function for vehicle view: zoom in/out for better view over battlefield
    - Make the explosion a lot bigger when u drop a satellite from the SPMA, the explosion from utk4 was better
    - Able to carry flag in ground vehicles in VCTF
    - The Nightshade is entirely invisible on world detail 1. The Invisibility effect (faint blueish shine - not really visible on world detail 1 either) and the Nightshade cloak effect (distortions) should be combined and used for both effects.
    - Make vehicles react to weapon fire. have the scorp tip up when hit with a shock core like in 2k4 for example. or the raptor getting hit with the shock rifle, have it get tossed around. but not just with the shock of course.
    - Pros & Cons about UT3 Vehicles (Thread)


    - BUG: Models such as Xan M (Liandri), Kensai (Twin Souls), and Johnson (Iron Guard) are missing. These models can be activated through the engine. This needs to be fixed. There are also missing armor customizations such as Theigh, Boot, Shoulder and Arm pieces of Twin Souls.
    - BUG: Models Intermittent "vibrating" of character model when hoverboarding.
    - BUG: Hole in the mesh of a certain character (Thread)
    - BUG: Character models changes to "demo guy" when changing teams and for no apparent reason at all during matches. Sometimes your model returns to selected model at map change, sometimes only if you back out and reselect your model.
    - BUG: Uncorrect animation blending with(pelvic thrust and another bindable one) Which leads to "sliding on the ground" while playing animations(other taunts are ok)

    - Old characters like malcolm, brock, xan
    - Ability to change the color of your custom character for DM or Duel

    - Avoid Manta runs by feigning death does work, unless Manta Jumps on you


    - BUG: Can't enter Center Node turret on WAR-Downtown
    - BUG: Sandstorm 'bug' (*)
    - BUG: Deck, there's a bug by the boots with the green acid, try to go in/out to the acid.. you will notice that it takes the HP way too fast, like sometimes 199 hp can get lost in only 1-2 seconds!

    - XPLOIT: Fix CTF-Hydrosis XPLOIT (Thread)

    - XPLOIT: Fix Deck XPLOIT (Thread)


    - Fix 'Intro bug' - game crash on some PCs on Intro BIK movie after "boy pick-up medailon" scene
    - When you spectate someone you can not see his shield, only his health.
    - Ragdoll on hoverboard glitch.(Video)
    - Disappearing HUD bug in warfare. Everything, even crosshair, disappears completely. Normally after the 1st round, the next round starts with no HUD.

    - HUD/Crosshair scaling and transparancy adjustment -> Customizable (UT99 style perhaps)
    - a problem with the built-in brightskins (Thread)
    - Bodily Dismemberment: Bring back specific body-part dismemberment from UT2Kx.
    - Blood Splatter on Screen: Also for other weapons next to the jackhammer

    ===Match / Spectating / IngameMenu===

    - Admin commands like PAUSE/UNPAUSE (needed badly in competetive gaming! (eg. CB))
    - BUG: Fix spectate bug after map switch (spectators are stuck at a spawn point, and can no longer view players)
    - Mix teams after a match
    - Fix team balance between maps (When match starts only). Players need to get switched up and teams should start out numerically even
    - Teams auto balancing (so no more 5 vs. 10)
    - Option to Switch Team so its easier to play wars (at any time, also after reconnection after crash)
    - You can't mapvote until the map you are playing is over, this can be very annoying when an admin isn't around!
    - Individual stats window for weapon stats for the match ingame like F3
    - More stats available at the end of the match.
    - It'd be nice to have the warfare map appear when pressing fire after you die instead of having to wait
    - Auto kick idlers
    - Lesser clicks for start match (eg. BOT match in SP)
    - Ability to Spectate in Instant Action

    ===Scoreboard / IngameRoster===

    - BUG: Fix ";" and ":", See also Console/Chat
    - To be able to have your own unique clan tag instead of having the [ ] brackets automatically installed in the game. This bracket is pretty much ruining the clan tags of several clans.
    - A fixed row height for the scoreboard.. Don't give each team a different height for their list of players, so it's easier to see how many people are on each team. I like what they did to the server browser fonts on the servers. they unconsoled that up, now lets see it in other places.
    - Have all the players in a server shown on the scorecard instead of the first 10-12. (so no need to press escape to see the people who are in the server).
    - More right-click options for the in-game player roster. We should be able to right click a player's name and get these options: Register as friend/buddy, block text from this player, mute voice chat from this player, start a vote to kick this player, spectate this player
    - extra feature to sort players by Clantag when started.
    - Kill Death Ratio (Frags, Deaths, Score(frags+points), Net(frags-deaths/ratio))
    - All player's ping & connect times should always be shown
    - Kick/vote (abusive) player from Map
    - Button for easy to switch as spectator ingame and join.. like UT2k4
    - The ability to browse servers while in a game would be great too as it gets annoying having to keep disconnecting from a match if i wanna find a better server to find their is none.
    - Server information (tab) while on server (email admin, website, MOTD, settings, mutators)
    - Display the word "Admin" next to the users name on scoreboard if the user is logged in as an admin


    - BUG: When download a map in a server it takes you back to the menu and you have to reconnect again to download it (with current bug in history, its hard to find the server again).
    - BUG: After making changes to an ini file (eg. MinNetPlayers). Then upload > restart server: the ServerName is cleared. Somehow restarting the server actually cleared out that entry in the UTGame.ini

    - Redirect of downloadable content.
    - Automatic custommap downloading (now it has a bug where it crashes the first time) And maybe add compression for smaller downloadsizes... (like it was in UT2k4 with Cache map)
    - Crossplatform Lan
    - When your ping time is above 100, the netcode randomly forgets that you fired a projectile despite your ammo count clearly depleting and your weapon firing in your hands. This affects rockets, flak shells, bio sludge, shock cores, the Stinger's alt fire and the Redeemer

    - Fixed: Linux Server (Dedicated) »» Download


    - BUG: Server browser showing empty servers even if you checked the option
    - BUG: Incorrect Maps, wrong # of players shown in server browser even after refresh. Server browser consistantly shows wrong Map info
    - BUG: When you sort by Players (or other options) the sorting finishes with the scroll bar in the middle instead of at the top where it should be
    - BUG (patch 1.1): History in serverbrowser doesnt work properly. Doesnt show played servers and thus not able to add any as favs.
    - BUG: Server browser consistantly misses available servers even when no filters are selected. Sometimes many refreshes are required to see all available servers. (this is not during map changes) Sometimes a server appears as normal then seconds later (mid game) its not there, then its there again (upon multiple refreshes).

    - Upgrade server browser to have all of the features of UT 2004 and UT99's browser combined.
    - Add ability to add servers to Favorites by typing IP and when ingame.
    - Add favourites from Server, not just from the History
    - Right-click shortcuts for server browser ("Join this server", "Add to favourites", "Copy this location")
    - Option to join server by IP like "Open IP" in UT2k4
    - Buddies/Friends list (as a tab) in server browser
    - Be able to add buddies by right clicking their name in game and in serverbrowser.
    - Show playernames when selecting a server in the browser and option to add them to buddylist.
    - It would be nice to be able to see the score of a running game in the server browser
    - Set up the server browser to show FIRST, then have a tab for filters, this helps folks get in the game faster
    - Save Filter Function, rather than reset all filters
    - Default search options are reset after exiting a game. ex: Last gametype searched for is not shown, defaults to DM.
    - Beeing able to search for server with certain mutators (more filters)
    - Add more serverfilters like: Instagib
    - A Mutator Filter, like in UT2004 to maintain different filters without checking all options over and over again
    - Exiting a game by disconnecting puts you back at the Menu instead of at the server browser where you should be


    - BUG: Reconnect command does not work, Only results in connection failed
    - BUG: Semi-colon and colon being confused in text/chat/scoreboard (Thread)

    - Add Copy and Paste in the Console.
    - Make the History tab track servers youve visited through the "open IP" command.
    - Team-colored death messages (console death messages)
    - add death messages to the hud, i would like to know what is going on around the map
    - Separated death messages from chat messages, or chat messages stay on longer, or both
    - Add a tiny box on the left of the screen which actually shows who is speaking on their mic while in game.
    - Allow binding the Tilde key (`/~) to the Console (in options), F10 is hardly within finger's reach.
    - OR make ~ (tilde) the default console key like it always has been in each game.
    - Add scrollable Chat/combat log (Chat window ala F2 in UT2k4 where all chat and combat texts were put in)
    - A console command that works online to enable and disable the score table that is part of the HUD.
    - Adding a client-side console command to display all players' Unique IDs (for reporting to server admins)
    - Colored chat using color-codes which can be used in binds (like in UT2k4)


    - BUG?: Mouselag. its due to high input latency (seen trough the stat engine command). the higher the resolution the more lag their is(the higher the latency) while fps is never below 50. fps going up and down seems to have to do with it and even frame smoothing doesnt get rid of it. vsinc makes it worse.
    - An option to disable white arrows in CTF (and other gametypes too, just optional).
    - Custumizable crosshairs. In-menu scale settings.

    - Change white arrows in red or blue colors for which base you are heading
    - Ability to bind Voice commands directly to a key.
    - Custumizable crosshairs. In-menu color/scale/opacity settings. Additional default crosshairs and ability to define a custom material package (not only via ini or 3rd party!!)
    - custom crosshairs with colors
    - The ability to customise crosshairs from within the interface
    - Team Color preference
    - ability to save ALL settings in game menu like which mutators to stay active, time limit, goals, everything.
    - Add ability for custom keybound messages(or howto in ini)
    - a menu option to Disable Own Footsteps
    - a menu option to Disable Weapon/View Bob
    - a menu option to get completely rid of any form of mouse acceleration whatsoever
    - Allow to set a new action to the "tab" key
    - Fix so you can bind the key < when you use a PC105 keyboard
    - 'Humans vs bots' or 'team-setup' enhancement in gameplay-section.
    - An Option to switch Fire and alternate fire
    - Option to turn off brightskins for both vehicles and characters in team games

    - Solution: Add keybinding LastWeapon »» Use SwitchToPreviousWeapon


    - BUG: Fix flickering problems for nVidia 8800 series cards. (driver issue?)(*)
    - BUG: When you try to change resolutions or switch between fullscreen and windowed mode via the Video options, you get a "UT3.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close" (or its Vista cousin, "UT3.exe has stopped working").
    - BUG?: 16:10 Widescreen support (Thread)

    - Option for Ultra low graphics settings
    - More graphical reduction settings, physics, decals, bloom, dof, fov etc etc etc (ala ut2k4)
    - More customisable graphics options
    - Option for Ultra high graphics settings (The textures are deliberately being lowered by the engine, but when viewed in the preview room and in the editor the textures and models(included custom ones) look very nice.)
    - Option for Motion Blur (exists in PS3 version)
    - One more level in the texture resolution slider that would apply the high resolution textures to only the character models. This simple adjustment would allow UT3 character models to really shine for those of us with high end systems. This is something already in the engine, just let us turn it on!
    - Uncapping FOV limit or raising it to at least 120.
    - Apply a checkbox to the graphics section to switch from DX9 to DX10 mode. This checkbox should obviously only be available to users that can support it.
    - Upon switching to DX10 mode, options such as HDR lighting and AA can be applied at the same time. When users are in DX9 mode, allow for them to choose between HDR lighting and AA (To my knowledge, they cannot be run together in XP, which is why there is no AA option at the moment).
    - Furthermore, allow users with SLI setups to check off support for dual video cards, and unlock options for AA and AF all the way up to 16X.


    - BUG: Problems with OpenAL (eg. X-FI with OAL): All sounds emanate from the amp. Any battle no matter where it is in the map - you can hear the sounds come from the amp. This happens in many maps in the same way.
    - BUG: INSTANT Announcements! They currently wait for the previous one to finish. Announcer is slow to make double announcements. When a sequence like, Killing Spree is followed by Multi-kill or Rampage etc. There is a very noticeable delay in the second announce (sometimes 10sec+)which makes it seem like its disconnected from the event. These announces used to play much more quickly so that the connection was obvious. Especially important in CTF when the flag can get taken/dropped/taken very quickly and you hear incorrect status announcements because of the lag in voice cues.
    - BUG: Models "misc sounds" grunts, jumps, hurt, etc. play incorrect sex (male sounds on female models)
    - BUG: Models Many Voice cues play VERY late. ex: Voice announces "I have the flag" or "Enemy carrier here" 10+ or more seconds after the event happens (and this isnt due to other voices being played at the time). So you take the flag run awhile get fragged, respawn and then announce "I have the flag!"
    - BUG: Commands are not played back to the player. If you select a command like V - Command - Attack - All, to tell your team to Attack from the voice menu, the player sending the command doesnt hear the voice cue (and its also possible these commands are not sent at all, since if asked other players if they hear the commands and they usually respond NO).
    - Option for dynamic music or not
    - Ability to hear your own autotaunts
    - An option to turn off (bot)taunts (like in 2k4)
    - an ability to increase volume levels for ALL sounds more then the default "10"
    - Better balanced sounds: weapon switch, pickups, footsteps, weapon fire etc
    - A built in MP3 player (like in UT2004)
    - In-game sound track option so u can choose the UT3 track u want to listen in the game map
    - A way to disable ONLY the remaining kill announcements in DM and TDM
    - speech command -> voice commands like "roger that/got it" (UT99)
    - speech binder
    - Selectable (custom) announcers voice pack (like as UT2004)
    - Show who's talking via voice
    - Way to change voice from team to all


    - BUG: Fix Demorec, doesnt replay cap sounds etc, and make it easier to demorec. (no console) in some cups the match needs to be recorded to rule out cheating.
    - BUG: Fix "default" character models in demos
    - BUG: Example: "i see everybody running around without weapons except me, i'm standing at one point and shoot. So my aiming, and the movement of the other is recorded, but their aiming and my movement are missing"

    - client-side Demorec (without bugs: For example your player-model doesn't even move. The other players do move, but most weapon-effects are missing and models seem to appear/disappear kinda randomly)
    - Button to create demo "Record Demo"
    - Options for watching demos: "Fast Forward", "Pause", "Slow-mo" (like in UT2k4)
    - Option to put different variables into demoname like in UT2k4: (%c = Counter, %d = Date, %m = Map Name, %p = Player Name, %t = Time)


    - Webadmin. (ala UT2k4 where you can set EVERYTHING)

    ===Nick System/GameSpy===
    Requests for get rid of GameSpy is useless. It wont happen, just face it . Its all based on contractual bases and we only CAN/MAY hope that EPIC will create a feature to provide us the possibility to change nicks. So its all about splitting the Account stuff (GameSpy) with ingame Nick Names
    - one of the most important requests!!! Allow custom Nicks and NOT the GameSpy ID as nick



    ===Single Player===

    - BUG: Co-op: after finishing Campaign only 1 player/account will get the changes/unlocks.
    - option to watch cinematics on single player (only when seen in SP before)
    - View cinematics; After finishing the campaign, a menu option to view each cinematic would be really cool
    - Save Settings for offline matches
    - Immadiatelly jump to campaign after click on "Continue" (SP)


    - BUG: Cursor disapearance randomly.
    - BUG: Deletion of objects in editor not always working.
    - BUG: Solving the double click=>cursor vanish issue that happens 90% of the time in the Editor. I'm using F4 now, but every once in a while I happen to double click something, and my mouse goes Stealthy Ninja on me.
    - BUG: Fix no grid showing in UnrealEd for ati series 700x etc (driver issue?)(*)
    - BUG: Custom gametype maps in editor don't work with play in editor
    - FIX: Version mismatch, make an window like "Do you want to overwrite this file" instead of having to delete the file yourself.
    - BUG: please add the "Cook" command into the pull down menu, the button isn't visible on a 19"crt monitor with the resolution of 1024*768.
    - BUG: unable to use flying MDI windows in the Editor
    - BUG?; ATM the rotation increments are not really as the options say. The options say 90°, 45°, 22°, 5°, 2° but when used are 90°, 45°, 22.5°, 5.63°, 2.81° (IE 90° divided by a power of 2). The end effect is that the only whole numbers by which you can rotate an object are multiples of 45°.
    - BUG: "Broken" features in the material instances. Colored specular doesn't work. Cubemaps don't work. Reflections don't work, and neither does Alpha Transparency. The features of course work when viewed in the editor, but get them into the game and the models using the MICs look bland and don't look right at all.(*)

    - add multiscreensupport (eg. 4000pxl, splitted over three monitors )
    - MORE DOCUMENTATION FOR THE SCRIPT. There's the UDN, but there's only six UE3 pages accessible to non-licensees. What use is documentation when 95% of it is unusable? We have all these new functions built into the editor, like facefx,speedtree and even a physics editor but NO documentation on how to use them.
    - add a gametype search option 'AllGametypes' including custom gametypes the client doesn't have
    - Develop a UMOD extention to help everyone installing mods/maps/chars/mutators etc in a simple way without any need to modify an INI-file
    - For the measure tool, stop rounding non-whole values up to next whole number (45.254834 is not 46)
    - Have brush builder dialogs be able to read directly from the measure tool
    - Measure tool also measures angle
    - A rotation widget that rotates and object by the angle between then position of widget and picked point
    - More primitive shapes for the brush builder
    - Togglable functions that disable the engine looking for goggles, helmets and anything else forcing us modders use tons of texture space pushing our texture UVs into wacky designs so the engine doesn't put black spots or miscolored textures on our models
    - Give us a way to turn off the Shader 2.0 warning during the editor start up
    - There's an issue right now with map descriptions as well. Even if everything is set up right in a custom map's ini, in some cases the map's description simply won't work in-game no matter what you do. It just works for some maps and not others

    - Enable custom factions for the modders


    - BUG: Fix for MP router/ports/dmz error message
    - Warmup mode (only available with mutators in previous versions)
    - Add zoning (like map area's in UT2k4) so we can see where the teamplayers are on the map
    - Online stats (like in UT2k4)
    - Create a seperate server list for "Assault" (or possible to let a mutator do this in case an AssaultMutator/ONSMutator will be created, like with TAM in UT2k4)
    - Being able to use exec functions in a(ny) subclass of Interaction
    - IRC says disconnects "[10055] No buffer space available" when UT3 is alt-tabbed too long
    - Death message should read "You have died!", not "You have Died!". The verb died should not be capitalized.
    - Release the Bot skeleton in .max format. Can't make Liandri bots becuase the skeleton doesn't match the human male, female or krall skeletons you released quietly on the UDN site

    Bot/AI changes will be most likely not be changed at all. Since the game is aimed for online/multiplayer, the current AI wont be changed with patches. Only Bugs and fixes will be put here.

    - Bots getting stuck in meshes and at certain spots in maps (Containment for example Shot)
    - Bots get in Nemesis, drive near a prime node, and sit there the whole match (Avalanche)
    - Bots In vCTF-Kargo, bots will drive a Scorpion to the top of a ramp, jump out, and leave it there
    - Adding a bot to the active bot list cannot be removed, I had to do this through the ini.

    - Individually configure Bot-Roster. (like in UT2k4) (Thread)

    Dont post new mutators. All new types of mutators will not be made by EPIC so far i know. If you have some decent and special requests about new mutators. Pls post them HERE. Only Bugs and fixes will be put here for the original mutators
    - Allow a standard way to disable the amp and superweapons (for dueling). There is currently a mutator but it's broke and leaves the amp's sound even when the amp is gone.
    - Arena mutator: changing all those weapon replacement options by hand is a needless pain. Like in UT2k4/UT99
    - "No Super Pickups" mutator should be configurable. It's important in duel matches, where players usually want to remove the amp, but keep the belt.

    ===Tracked Issues===

    ===Overall Information===
    Some might not be worth mentioning perhaps BUT all i did is bringing all input together!!
    So some will never happen maybe but we should not care less for that.
    Just hope EPIC have made an own changelist or else see this as a sort of impression what they can/could do for us or not...

    If i have time i will edit it and add all new requests once a week
    Thnx and hope you will be happy that i spend my precious time in doing this dirty job! :P

    Changes some things and removed some personal influence in some requests
    Updated til page 26.
    Added new features: 15-12-2007.
    Added colors to split Bugs & Requests: 16-12-2007.
    Added new features: 17-12-2007.
    Added new features & added new type in legenda: 2-1-2008.
    Added new features & moved Options to 2nd post due size: 3-1-2008.
    Added new features: 7-1-2008.
    Added new features & moved Console/Chat to 2nd post due size: 14-1-2008.


      ===Patch 2 BETA===

      • Increased UTGame MaxPlayersAllowed to 64.
      • Fixed leviathan turret instant refire exploit.
      • Fixed errant lock on warnings when no longer in vehicle.
      • Fixed first person weapons in demo playback.
      • Fixed translocator telefrag victim message.
      • Fixed encouragement sounds not being randomly picked by bots.
      • Implemented viewobjective spectating system for Warfare.
      • Fixed berserk held by driver applying to all vehicle turrets.
      • Only force low gore on German versions that were low gore only before being patched.

      User Interface:
      • Clicking on the settings tab goes to directly to the full settings menu.
      • Added VOIP speaker portraits to HUD.
      • Fixed character portraits sometimes not showing up on HUD or not staying up long enough.
      • The Host server menus will no longer disable internet options if CheckNatTypeDisplayError returns true. It's just a warning now.
      • Fixed the CD key always prompting when the user has no network card
      • Added support for commandline log in -login=xxx -password=xxx. This also allows Gamespy comrade and other external applications to be used to launch network clients.
      • Added UI option to hide objective paths (the white arrows).
      • Added UI option to enable joystick support.
      • Added JOIN to midgame menu when spectating.
      • Added cancel button to "logging in" message box.
      • Added support for auto-updating UI with new options.
      • Improved language support for French, Spanish, Italian, and German.
      • Joystick key bindings in UI display properly.
      • Added game and UI support for customizing crosshair scaling.
      • Added "Add Favorite" button to Server Browser server list tab.
      • Fixed favorites Tab Page server details not updating.
      • Improvements to voice menu. Added "status" section.
      • Leave "Disconnect" and "Exit Game" on the mid game menu when seamlessly travelling so that players have a way to abort lengthy downloads
      • Show "Change Team" button before the match has started.
      • Added support for localized "single score needed" string.
      • Tweaked some HUD message font sizes.
      • Favorites/History lists list servers that are currently offline.
      • Favorites/History lists don't stop working as the number of servers in them crosses max threshold for GS query.

      • Added support for autodownloading packages while in gameplay or while travelling.
      • Auto team re-balancing before map transition if bPlayersBalanceTeams is set.
      • Fixed dedicated server memory leaks.
      • Force client state synchronization when in spectating state. Fixes sporadic issues with players not being able to join games.
      • Fixed sounds not being heard correctly by clients if the sound location is the Actor's location and the Actor is not relevant to that client.
      • Fixed spectators being unable to move after a level transition.
      • Fixed track turrets being in the wrong position on clients in some cases after being destroyed.
      • ConnectionTimeout and InitialConnectTimeOut now both 60.0. Addresses both clients failing connection because they take too long to load a level, and initial connections staying open too long.
      • Fixed HTTP download compression.
      • Fixed a bug where download during seamless travel would break because the downloader was keeping a pointer into the package map's list, which is unsafe while the game is in progress because that list could have more items added to it (and thus the memory rearranged) at any time
      • Fixed a bug where in rare cases packages would get downloaded twice.
      • Fixed spectators able to enter as extra players in Duel.
      • Fixed issue where CTF, vCTF, and WAR maps are listed in the server browers when searching for a DM game when server changed gametypes.
        Fixed bots not replicating their view pitch, so their animation looks better in net games.
      • Strip OwningPlayerName= from the URL, as this is determined elsewhere and was breaking dedicated internet servers launched from the UI.
        Server administration:
      • TCPLink and Webadmin functionality implemented.
      • Banning is now based on CD key hash, so players can't circumvent bans by creating a new profile.
      • Fixed being unable to kickban players with | in their names.
      • Added versioning information to the game settings
      • Dedicated servers don't require DirectX shader model 2.0
      • Fixed AdminForceTextMute and AdminForceTextUnmute.
      • Restored the compress and decompress commandlets.
      • Fixed AdminCmdOk() function not working properly if you were the listen server.
      • Banned IDs readability improved.
      • Added MaxClientTravelTime config option to GameInfo. If set, clients are kicked if they take longer than this many seconds to travel between maps.

      Mod support:
      • Added ScriptedTexture, a type of render to texture that gives Canvas access to script/C++ for rendering custom overlays.
      • Added a version of DrawTile() to Canvas that takes a Texture instead of
      • Texture2D so render to texture stuff like ScriptedTextures can more easily be used.
      • Added Timestamp function to UObject, returns a string in the format YYYY/MM/DD - HH:MM:SS
      • Weapons now take roll from player viewrotation.
      • Fixed custom character DLC not applying until the next time the game is run because the default object was not updated after combining the .ini files.
      • Added a ModFamilies array to UTCustomChar_Data to allow mod authors to add families to the list.
      • Fixed Change Node Status Kismet action not working on fully constructed powernodes.

      Map specific::
      • Fixed DM-Deck get out of world exploit
      • Fixed DM-Gateway portals sometimes sending you back to your starting point.

      AI improvements:
      • New orb carrier strategy AI.
      • Improved bot hoverboard use.
      • Reduced bot orb spawner camping.
      • Fixed bots stuck on orb spawner unable to grab flag.
      • Low skill bots use artillery properly.
      • Tweaked shooting at nodes vs shooting at enemies.
      • No human bonus to threat value.
      • Improved threat picking AI, taking into account effectiveness of bot's weapon.
      • Tweaked bot AI for link gun, flak cannon, redeemer, and AVRiL.
      • Bots tend to stay on same enemy more, and focus on key vehicles more.
      • Tweaked campaign auto skill adjust.
      • Possible safe fix for bot navigation issues with staticmeshcollections on console. Also a performance improvement on PC and console.
      • Tweaked rules for whether to attack node or enemy first.
      • Improved bot AI for defending nodes with an orb.
      • Fixed pathing issues that were causing bots to get stuck in some places.
      • When a move fails, force a route refresh. Add cost to reachspecs when bot fails repeatedly.
      • Improved AI code for adjusting around obstacles. If adjust left and right fail, try moving to center of reachspec.
      • If previous move failed, don't allow "advanced tactics" (serpentine, etc.) for next move.
      • Added FailedMoveTarget and MoveFailureCount to controller to track movement failures.
      • Added bForceNoDetours to UTBot. Don't allow detours when bot is approaching a neutral node (more important to touch node first).
      • Fixed bots thinking they've reach the orb spawner without quite getting there and touching the orb.
      • Fixed cases where bots could get stuck failing to translocate over and over - bots know to give up now.
      • Adjusted bot reaction time to seeing new enemies.
      • Improved bot AI for dealing with lifts and hoverboards.
      • Bots taunt after winning a match.

      ===Handy/Funny/Usefull Extra's===

      UT3 Patch 1.1 Now Available: Download Here
      Linux Server (Dedicated) Download Here

      HOLP Map Pack: Download Here

      ===Good Custom Maps + Remakes===
      DM-Krodan: Download Here
      DM-Codex (UT99): Download Here
      DM-1on1-Judith[NAW] (UT99): Download Here
      CTF-Bloxeh2008 (UT2k4): Download Here
      CTF-GrendelKeep3 (UT2k4): Download Here
      CTF-1on1TrainingDay][ (UT2k4): Download Here
      WAR-Primeval (UT2k4): Download Here
      DM-Yard (Q3): Download Here

      Ultron's UT3 Tweaks: Click Here
      New UT3 Icons: Download Here


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      Currently 151 votes with 4.87 rating!!

      Keep voting for sticky!!

      ===Final Words===

      Thank you all in advance!


        Request: when carrying the flag, don't render the flag in first person view .. since sometimes the wobbling of the flag's tissue gets in your view and that's distracting me cause i think i see an opponent ..

        it's just a little request, not so important


          - one of the most important requests!!! Allow custom Nicks and NOT the GameSpy ID as nick
          This is what's stopping retail dedicated servers from showing up.
          You start a server, and then start another UT3 on the same pc to join, and it kicks it off.
          I refuse to put up a listen server. It is not fair to the other players.
          C'mon Epic. Step up for the paying community.


            Stay away from me!


              You missed like something really important



                Yep good list, especially the Assault part, nice one.


                  No, the game should have the ability to stop time in the whole universe. I will not settle with anything less.


                    This is a great initiative, but is EPIC paying attention to these posts?


                      One thing to keep in mind is that some design decisions they probably will not change, but others they will probably be open to. For example the throwweapon situation - they seem pretty firm on that. But the UI situation, they've already decided to change.


                      The ability to see what server you are on, as well as the e-mail address of the server admin in case you need to e-mail them about an aimbot. Any other details like a website that can be visited, as well as a MOTD (Message Of The Day) for that server.

                      ===Scoreboard / IngameRoster===

                      - Fix spectate bug after map switch (spectators are stuck at a spawn point, and can no longer view players)


                        Request: Flying Editor Windows

                        Hi folks,

                        my request is to bring back the flying MDI windows in the Editor, as like Ued3.0. I have many problems to use my multiscreen system. Overall I have a useable desktop wide near 4000pxl, splitted over three monitors . In the actual case of the windowmanagement, is it not suitable. Plz bring back the "standalone" windows.
                        Then I can open the editor over the full "Screenwide" near 4000 pxl, and placing the working windows however I would like to place them.

                        Sry my english is not the best, but I hope you know what I mean.



                        -Admin -


                          Originally posted by Ultron View Post
                          One thing to keep in mind is that some design decisions they probably will not change, but others they will probably be open to. For example the throwweapon situation - they seem pretty firm on that. But the UI situation, they've already decided to change.
                          totally agree with that m8. but what more can we do then just mentioning it its not useless at all to put it in the list at all imo czo it has been there all previous versions aswel and is a very well used feature (competetive) TDM matches
                          Originally posted by Ultron View Post

                          The ability to see what server you are on, as well as the e-mail address of the server admin in case you need to e-mail them about an aimbot. Any other details like a website that can be visited, as well as a MOTD (Message Of The Day) for that server.
                          this was allready in but adjusted it with some adittional info
                          see ===Scoreboard / IngameRoster===


                            More graphic options like
                            decals appear time
                            blood and oil appear time

                            More character options
                            other colors for DM and Dual
                            team colors

                            crosshairs colors

                            theres my 2 cents


                              - Option for dynamic music or not

                              I BEG for this option ;-). Dynamic music is so annoying! The soundtrack is just great (I have it even on my mp3 player) but the occasional jump of volume really ****** me off...