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UT3 only 5 Capters in the Campaign?

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  • UT3 only 5 Capters in the Campaign?

    I´ve played the campaign to the end on "easy"today.I´ve played online with my brother...but what happen?In the middle of the action..THE CREDITS!!!Oh my god!Is it all?What is with malcom and the others?How much capters are it..only 5?Is there more story,if we play on "easy"or "hard"?

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    If you play easy, you'll beat each map first play more or less. Why pay £30 for a game to finish it in no time?

    That's not how UT3 works. You need to master a map to beat it if you've set your difficulty level correctly. I'm still working through the campaign and haven't finished it, and struggle to beat the bots at times. I haven't begun to master the Viper or the fury yet. And this is on Hard - not the insane level difficulty.