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    For Ps3 Players

    I'm going to get the game soon and I just want to know a few things please.
    1-how do you get into a game? is it matchmaking like Halo3 and CoD4 or do you choose a server like in CoD3.

    2-Is there a ranking system?

    3-How is the lobby system?

    4- Does it take 3 years to find a game online like it does on CoD4?

    5- just your overall thoughts on the you recomend it or not?

    The best advice you can get for this game is to rent first. If you dont get bored of it by the end of the rental period, then buy it.


      the thing is someone alreaddy got it for me so I just wanna know those things..before i open it on christmas.


        1- you pick your poison.

        2- There is a ranking system, but I have only been able to see the ranks of people on my friends list, and my own. I havnt been able to find out like, who the top 10 players so far are, or anything.

        3- The lobby is the same simple, borring lobby all games seem to be using latly. I wish games would go back to using text chat main lobbies. All the best games used to have that, now it seems none do. It makes it so easy to find friends you have things in common with, and to get groups together, and decide what game we want to play next. And even to create rivalries.

        4- No waiting really. Once in a great while you may encounter an error joining. Also if you join a persons server who is playing, expect games to close at 1 point or another. When the host quits it's over. Midway servers don't close.

        My opinion of UT3 is high. It's fast, hard FPS action. A true hardcore PC shooter experience on a console. This is no Socom campfest, this is no slow n' easy Halo, its the antithesis of both.


          1 - you pick the game type and find a game with the cap not full and the ping low
          2 - yes and it's a simple hit of the triangle or square to get the top ranks and all that stuff
          you also have individual weapon, vehicles, turrets, and reward stats which is a nice plus.
          3 - lobby is simple get into a game and play, at the end of the match you can switch sides.
          4 - No.
          5 - the game is a lot faster than anything on a console, there's no grenades so it's not a constant fragfest like COD4 sometimes, there's no regenerate health system, you pick up what weapons you want, there's armor pickups, the vehicle game-types are fun, recommend it YES, is it for everyone no.


            So there's no halo-style matchmaking?

            When you say find a game with the cap not full...that means it's a server list right?


              I'd definately get it, once you start getting good you will never want to play another game again, I am scared to think of how many hours I've played ut3.

              Ranking system sucks but apart from that and the occasional game freeze it is awesome, my number 1 game ever.