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Are there any n00b servers?

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    Originally posted by Mysterial View Post
    If you have the patch, Quickmatch takes into account your ranking so you could try using that to find servers with a more appropriate skill level.
    If this does work as advertised, then it would be great for all skill levels not just beginners. I realy do enjoy a good fight over running around and mowing effortlessly mowing through people.


      Look forward to anyone wanting friendly games to be on our server.

      As i posted earlier, we allow fun gaming without the "L33test" BS you likely find elsewhere (no name calling, rascism & the like).

      Encourage players to stop by our forum as well!

      Here's a link announcing that our VCTF server is currently # 4 in the world!

      Welcome all & enjoy yourselves!


        Originally posted by .:vVv:.Fluffy View Post
        We welcome players of ALL skill levels on our servers
        Thanks a lot for your invitation Fluffy. Good to know there are still some
        nice guys that don't need to use these games to feed their egos ASAP
        I'll try out your see you there!

        ...happy fragging and merry christmas to all of you!