meh, by this point we're all so tired of hearing the ps3 community complaning/whining about about spilt-screen not being implemented. i myself joined this forum solely to complain about this but glad to see there's too much anyway that some the threads were locked. ut3 looks like a great game and all, but hey if epic was either silly enough, or more likely couldn't care less to think that the console userbase would not think spilt screen is important, though they were accidently smart enough to put it in gears, then why should the console gamers who thinks it's an important feature to uselessly fret about it? they're obviously are not giving a direct answer anytime soon, perhaps it may even be impossible if like mark said," it is really something they didnt consider ", since it may require them greatly change the script/engine.

my point is, forget ut3, and be glad to know that the unreal engine has been officially optimised by epic themselves for the ps3 so that all license holders can NOW make great games looking games on the ps3 without as much trouble as they had by using epic's optimised data.

me? i've given up on ut3, was wise enough to wait for feedback on splitscreen. now, i'm just looking ahead for OTHER great games that will use this engine. as for ut3? they can make scanty sales for all i care. heck, it would even be a GOOD blow to epic's financial lost, all that effort and hard work gone to waste. it's their fault anyway, 'you reap what you sow'.
but in the end, i guess a tiny part of me will just wait, without much hope, checking from months to months, if they actually FIXED it, and then gleefully smile...