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UT3 needs voice packs for player and bots.

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    UT3 needs voice packs for player and bots.

    I have been playing ut since the original ut99 and right up to ut2004. I have always enjoyed collecting voice packs for my player and for the bots. I even made a few of my own voice packs.

    To me being able to add voice packs to the game add extra flavor and kept me playing the game longer. I am not happy that I can't add my own voice packs for ut3. I may have to go back to playing UT2004.

    Please epic bring a patch that encludes voice pack customization for your player and the bots.

    This only works if you play offline or if the server have the voice packs right? Or else nobody will hear the same things...? just wondering


      speech & voice options are missing along with other important features we've come to know and love...

      i really hope that we get a Character Speech selection menu so we can pick which voice we want to use and select custom voices as well (like we've always been able to do!)

      and we desperately need a speech binder too (also MIA)


        Yes, all that and custom model support!


          It's not just voicepacks that are causing problems, even such a 'simple' thing as a new faction appears to be causing headaches for people.
          Which is why EvilEngine's Xan-model still in beta and it uses the male IronGuard-voice ...

          The irony is that we've got more options (like changing facemasks, goggles, shoulderpads, legs, arms and helmets instead of a single body- and face-skin), but they're also a lot harder to implement without any tutorials or advice from Epic.

          For reference :
          = technical details on voicepacks in UT3 :

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          = Xan by EvilEngine :