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    What I want is simple.

    10 large warfare maps capable of being playable with 64 players.

    That and a mutator that gives maps different node layouts and vehichle numbers according to the number of players.

    I would love to have a water based theme too. With 64 players, having to cross with a tank in a transport ship, with submarines defending and attacking, cruisers with artillery pieces, and loads and loads of space.....

    Space to manouver on a 64 player server.....That would be an astounding accomplishment.

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    Well If I had my way there would be two add on packs:

    Bonus pack one: The Classic pack

    This pack would add back the fallowing Things from the old days still missing from the game:


    Relics Mutator
    Volatile Weapon Mutator
    Volatile Ammo Mutator

    It would also add in the fallowing Weapons:

    Ripper (UT99), Chain Saw (UT99)

    This would add back the fallowing AI bots/also player teams aswell from the UT99 days:

    Nali WarCow
    Brock: And his team of cool dudes!

    It would also add the fallowing maps:

    Death Match maps:







    Capture The Flag maps:







    Bonus pack two: War Hog pack


    4 new vehicles: Two Necris, two Axon, one for each team will be an air vehicle thats all about teamwork and getting troops to the front lines! Drop ships here we come! The other two will be again about teamwork but this time about water, and making full use of it! Think BF1942s PT Boats but with way more firepower and ten times the room!

    The Pack will have 4 new VCTF maps, each with a new focus on new planets like Mars, Earth, and many more locations.

    The pack would also have 4 new WarFare maps with a heavy use of teamwork and 2 of them should be about air power, and the other two should be about sea power.

    What add on pack is complete without the best weapons form the UT line of games?: Ion Painter (UT2003, UT2004), and Assault rifle (UT2004, UT2003, UC). Air Strike (UT2004), Dispersion Pistol (Unreal)

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    awesome! as-mothership v2 woot
    with new spacefighters!
    Assault in space is now a must. The community wants it.
    doo eet epic, doo eet

    I thought that the ut2007's level streaming meant that certain levels would be available to the players under certain conditions.. but after experiencing this recent iteration of the engine,I guess my dream of having space to land/atmospheric/planet fights is impossible

    yes I know its called UT3 but back then when we were all fantasizing over this game, it was called ut2007

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    The implementation of the Assault gametype in future patches or bonus packs would open up such possibilities as ship-to-ship battles, like in the Skaarj/Human Assault recreation in UT2K4.

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    I want to tell my opinion about a new Space-Map

    We can make a map that have 2 Big SpaceShips and to get from one to other you must use only AirVehicles (Big Distance)....

    It could be like StarWars or somethink like that...... Hundrends of Turrets and Vehicles Trying to reach the other edge to destroy the SpaceShip of other team (that could be Core (WarFare) or Flag (VCTF)).....

    I think that this map will create a new mod about SpaceFights...

    I play this game and I always wanted to play at Space with SpaceBattles... I always wanted to play a Fps-Game about Future at Space...

    All this idea came to my head when I read this post and if you can't do anything I will try alone..

    Thank you,

    P.S. Sorry for my english (Greek)

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    The continuation of the story should be Reaper being forced to enter an Unreal Tournament in order to take Reaper out. The dramatic twist or whatever could be a necrified Jester coming out to support Malcolm. All maps used in the Tournament should be new--- and since it's a TOURNAMENT, can have widely varied art directions that include such magnificent next gen effects as COLORS, and perhaps not all of them have to be washed out post-industrial or blue.

    For multiplayer, they really need to add a few basic things (patch or expansion):
    1. Team Balancing
    2. Levels or ranks a la Halo in order to get people addicted. Leveling up could unlock new characters and armors.
    If they wanted to take #2 really far, and make it really addictive, they could pay out Taridium for beating the singleplayer aspects (to get people started off), and then pay it for successes in online/leveling up. Money could be used to buy new armor, characters, skins, and even maps.

    I think that in the Tournament, you should be given freedom to pick who you want on your team like the old tournaments, and give them specific behaviors and play styles. You could then use these guys on your team in Instant Action.

    They should bring back an improved Invasion that plays almost like a singleplayer campaign but online with replayability. This would be a big hit with the console crowd and n00bs who can't handle playing against other players. (And, if levels or money were given out, would be useful)

    They should bring back an improved version of Assault, if only for a couple of maps, so that modmakers can more easily take care of the rest.

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    More chars (like Xan and Malcolm), and a new taunt system. Why can't we have a taunt system like we had in ut2k4? I'm not complaining on the actual taunts, because that's their decison, but why can't we have acknowlege taunts like affirmative or got it, and set the keys we want for each specific taunt??
    And of course, an actual tournament would definently be nice...

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    Chill on the expansion pack idea until epic sorts out the originally released UT3 issues first. Im sure they have alot on their hands to be dealing with.. There are too many ideas being thrown at Epic whilst they need to continue fixing some of the fundamentals first. Such as random game crashs & demo recording features.

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    first we can wait for a patch that can help modders in creating factions, gametypes etc etc
    however ut3 dom official release is on april 10

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    Assault was absolutely brilliant in UT2004, probably the most under-rated thing I've ever seen in a game.

    Well Mark, we've been working on a pretty **** good AS map, but suprisingly enough we've lost motivation since we know it's going to be an absolute mission just to display an objective and everything using Kismet. If you had just bothered to include a couple of example objective actors with displays on the actual spot...

    By all means ask us to do the work for you, we're fine with that, but it wouldn't be hard to give us a kick start.

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    Those hoping for an official ASSAULT mode can unfortunately forget it. Look at, there was an interview with Mark Rein stating it. To be honest though, Assault was awesome in the first game but I hated it in 2k4 so there is no reason to believe it will be fun in this game.

    I'm all for some classic maps being remade but I think it would be nice to get something NEW as well. A new gametype!? some new characters!?

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    * some classic quake 3 maps such as DM-17 and campgrounds should be made for UT3
    there are many q3dm17 user made maps (4 or 5) including a very polished one. campgrounds u3f looks very good too (user created) there is a liandri in the betas in very playable form atm

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    Assault needed imo

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    dom will arrive with uglypants' mod called ut3dom.... maybe epic can create a new full game that can be purchased for newbie members of our loved ut3 community or it can be free downloaded for ut3 owners.... but i think they won't do that... now we only have to hope

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    I'd like to see more of an emphasis on the various factions in the tournmaent. Like separate vehichles for Axon, Necris, Liandri vehicles, with different styles and weaknesses. Warfare games would then be set up as axon vs. liandri games (or whatever) with all players on one side having the avatars of one faction and vehicles and turrets generated based on that faction. Some people might not like it, but it might give the game more character, strategy and more camaraderie in teams.

    As for a campaign, please not another hammy attempt at an alien invasion within UT game types. Why can't we have a cool story within the tournament. For example, you are an undercover agent attempting to expose corruption within the tournament by posing as a competitor.

    And please can we have a protagonist that isn't joe-buzzcut (or whatever it is you called him). Why can't we have a sexy fem.

    Also, why not conisder adding more and more viable melee weapons, maybe making this an alternate gametype.

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