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    Originally posted by MeepZero View Post

    We here have all whined and moaned about all these things that are "broken" and "wrong" about UT, but its really a great game. We all complain about not seeing enough players online but thats not something that can be simply patched. What I think is we need to get out and tell others about UT, get the word out that the game is actually pretty decent, I mean, if we didnt think it was any good then why would we all keep coming back here and playing the game and everything. Get out there, show it to your friends. Buy it as a chirstma/hana/kwanza/athiestholidyofgiftgiving present for someone.
    Epic is the one to blame
    Epic is the one who ruined the game by altering what was already perfect from ut2004/ut99/ut3
    Epic is the one who objectively trashed it PC gamers for the more profitable console gamers.
    It is not our jop to promote the game but that of Epic/Midaway

    The only way out and proly more wise is to get the console version of UT3 witch is more fun and supported(as for now).
    We just dont have any choice but to get the ps3 version now, until near futur when with more mods and contents.
    By the way,
    PC version did not get as much publicizing as the ps3 one, yet more people play the game onPS3


      maka your post sounds like a cheap way of trying to publisise the ps3 version. Who says the ps3 version is more fun, lol


        Theres a bit of hope as next months Games For Windows magazine will have a review of UT3. They would have reviewed it in the current issue, but the game shipped too late for them to get their review in on time for publishing.

        I have a feeling it'll get at least an 8/10 and an overall favorable review. Maybe this will help sales. Don't forget favorable magazine and online reviews help boost sales.

        Also Epic placed a full page ad in the magazine so they are doing some advertising. Maybe they just need to get more creative with their marketing strategy.


          I would hope we would all end "THIS >INSERT PLATFORM HERE<" PLAYS BETTER!"

          And just say that the game in general is FUN.

          Wait, I should be wishing for a million bucks at this point...


            Originally posted by Ghos7Soldier View Post
            People have a right to complain yes.

            It's when they complain about the dumbest **** that they need to have their complaining rights revoked.


            In short, thedeviot's post was pretty true. Most of the things people complain about aren't worthy enough for a HUGE complaint.
            yeh.. thats why only an avarage of only 700 ppl play this game online......... ppl complain about nothing.......... open ur eyes. this game was released as a beta.. and ppl shouldnt stop complaining till this game has the level u should expect from a Unreal Tournament game. many basic options or features r missing or dont work... im sure ull find them in other topics.

            hope its not too late though :>


              Same old stuff

              PC games have always been outsold by the consoles. Most people just don't have a good computer, and lthough you don't need a monster to run unreal, you do for most other games out there now. The Witcher, Enemy Territories, Call of duty, and freakin crysis. My god, I have a really nice computer and can run all the former on med-high. I can run the witcher on freakin high, and that game needs some power, but crysis I have to go all low. I dunno why or how... but now I'm rambling.

              Consoles- cheaper than a good computer, easier to deal with (just pop in the disc), cooler (everyone has an X-box 360 it's the sh*t), and to play with your friends. All my friends have 360. I don't

              Computers- expensive! Complex (I have to tweak every single game I get to get it to work just right, but look nice), and the fact everyone has diffrent system means the better your computer that much more of a boost you get ingame.

              While I'm a PC fan, console games will always beat us out. Of course I think WoW did wonders for us!

              I have a feeling Unreal 3 is gonna be one of those games that sells well over time. With all the people downloading it on torrents, their bound to see how awesome it is and wanna play online. Plus when it comes out for 360, all the 360 fans will be playin it and word will get out more.


                actually what will help the sames from the 360 is they play it, they like it, they get banned for playing bootlegs and then they buy it for pc, lol