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HIS 2900XT best settings?

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    Thanks Ultron, greatly appreciated


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    Well setting the game to 5/5 in the world/texture detail settings is already pretty good. Here are some other tips:

    Edit your UTEngine.ini file which can be found in My Documents\MyGames\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config.


    This is set to 60 if you own a LCD monitor, which is often the native refresh rate. If you have a CRT, or an LCD set to a higher refresh rate, then set the Max to whatever that is.


    This ensures you get eye candy at all framerate levels, like decals, and dynamic lighting effects such as light reflecting off the shock ball and rockets as they travel through the level, or muzzle flashes and impact explosions.


    Fixes some problems running campaign videos, if it locks up. I believe this line is automatically set to True if you apply the 1.1 patch. But verify.


    This sets FSAA to 4X. You can also do this in your video card control panel by forcing FSAA to whatever specification you want.

    Also, I recommend enabling Vsync and disabling mouse smoothing in-game. This (along with the smooth framerate option above) helps to eliminate any screen tearing. It also prevents mouse lag which can sometimes occur when Vsync is enabled.

    See my sig for other tips, but these will help you ensure you have the best graphics possible. Take care!

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  • started a topic HIS 2900XT best settings?

    HIS 2900XT best settings?

    Hi all

    First of I'm going to apologise for this thread as I appreciate it won't concern or help too many people.

    I just forked out £950 on a new rig

    Intel Quad Core 2.4GHZ processor
    2GB Ram
    HIS HD 2900XT 1GB GDDR4 graphics card
    2 x 74GB Sata 10 000rpm hard drives, striped.
    Asus p5kr motherboard with onboard surround sound in high definition

    UT3 runs absolutely sweet on max settings. Lovely graphics, no glitches, nothing!

    I'd like to know if anyone else has this graphics card and knows of any additional tweaks? I'm an old school UT99 player so things like using catalyst settings are beyond me.

    Any tweaks or suggestions that would make things even better for the game with this card would be greatly appreciated. Let the flaming begin.....