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    I see nothing wrong with console gaming.
    I loved XBL all those years ago Ghost Recon etc.

    Although in an actual battle of systems depending on it could easily top a ps3.
    I could easily play my computer over my HDTV
    with a wireless keyboard, mouse and a coffee table. : D
    With more control and functionality of the operating system being able to systematically upgrade hardware.
    I can even use my wireless 360 controller easily enough.

    However truth have it I like sitting in a office chair closed to a large screen, with proper lighting so I don't kill my eyes. : D

    Their pros and cons to each, pros for the PS3
    "should" include game play consistency,
    ease of use,
    "less" cheaters.
    No real threat of getting a virus.
    Playing over HDTV if you don't have the right hookups for your pc.
    Consoles in general their is no worry about if your system can handle a game or not.
    You can download demos for them now (360 at least)
    You can rent/return games.
    No CD keys so you don't have to worry about your key getting ripped and blacklisted.
    No need to install.
    Affordability of the consoles in general. (While people may argue the price of the TV, they don't consider that a lot of these are family efforts, in which they use around most situation in the home if they've really dished out for one.)
    Or more simply they really like the features and perks of console gaming compared to pc's.

    To some of the other comments, opinions shouldn't include insults towards content consumers when their is no ethical liabilities.

    Either way none of it should be an issue. To each their own.


      Originally posted by Kurnous View Post
      /v/ is down, sorry.
      Then go back 2 /v/


        Originally posted by Sev1512 View Post
        Stop treating the PS3 like some type of trashy hooker.

        IF that was the case you would all be catching something seeing that your beloved Unreal has had the pleasure of being played in a real system.

        Almost every thread I see has people bashing the PS3, and saying PC is superior.

        You should see UT3 community as a whole, rather then telling all the PS3 owners to drink from a different water fountain...

        I am console owner, always have been. I like playing with a controller rather than being hunched over with a KB/M. I also like playing on my 50"1080p HDTV from the comfort of my couch.

        There are positves and negatives to owning either version.

        Stop being so stuck up, thinking your better than PS3 owners because you PC cost you a small fortune.
        well UT has always been a PC game and one thing that makes UT so great is the speed...

        anyway i think people still need to get used to the fact shooters are being released on console if i had a PS3 i would have bought UT3 as well.

        still think i'm gonna buy one because Wip3Out HD is gonna be the ****


          Originally posted by supreal View Post
          Gosh, and I thought the PS3 was the cheaper option? How much was that PS3 combined with the 65" 1080p ?
          PS3, 500 bucks, 65" 1080P Television, 3 grand. My PC was about 1500...


            "Console hating" is pretty dam sad and quite retarded, you need more to your life if you're going to think into it that deeply, and I'm not a console player.

            I just wish they'd made the games the same so that I could play with PS3 players. Problem was a lot of PC players screamed about this, without even considering the fact that there's going to be hardly any people with computers who can run the game well. Thus look at the empty servers...


              Originally posted by sltdestini View Post
              "Console hating" is pretty dam sad and quite retarded, you need more to your life if you're going to think into it that deeply, and I'm not a console player.

              I just wish they'd made the games the same so that I could play with PS3 players. Problem was a lot of PC players screamed about this, without even considering the fact that there's going to be hardly any people with computers who can run the game well. Thus look at the empty servers...


                The versions are basically identical.

                The PS3 version can be played almost like the PC version--when Epic fixes the double tap for dodge, it will be the same game. (There is the speed freak mutator to speed the game up to the PC game speed) So the gameplay is exactly the SAME.

                All this arguing is moronic. Can't we talk about game strategy instead? We are on the same team.

                Blaming the PC version on the console games development doesn't make much sense to me. There are some fundamental issues with the GUI--that is all. Even the IGN PS3 review mentioned that the GUI is a bit clunky for a console game (however they did rightly score the game 9/10).


                  Originally posted by Sev1512 View Post
                  I never played a Unreal game before this one. And its the fastest game for the PS3. I honestly cant imagine playing it faster. I dont know how you guys do it.
                  With keyboard and mouse on a PC...

                  Originally posted by Sev1512 View Post
                  Also it needed to be slowed down so it would work better with controllers.
                  So you admit that controllers of consoles are holding the pace of the game back?


                    everything balances eventually

                    some things to consider
                    ps3 + tv cost = expensive
                    can watch tv on the tv... o.0 amazing
                    can run linux to do computer activities
                    keyboard/mouse compatible
                    no "will my system run this game?" questions
                    comfy couch mmm
                    girlfriend doesnt think you spent too much money on a computer,
                    shelf life is long

                    only runs 720p any way you throw the stick - upscaling doesnt actually increase detail, its just stretching it.
                    runs slower (for ut3 at least)
                    design flaws that dhjudas pointed out (not typing them all)
                    not a whole lot of games out yet for it either
                    gf thinks your stupid for buying a 500$ console

                    easily upgraded
                    can hook up to any monitor/tv/hdtv/projector or all of them at once. my comp hooks up to 2 of your tvs for smexy-vision
                    can do computer related tasks (business work... stuff i dont do)
                    can watch tv via tuner card (20$) or any decent vivo vid card.
                    runs higher res than 720p
                    can use any controller or keyboard/mouse very easily
                    runs ut3 fast :-D
                    easily modded
                    ok im not going to go on forever with this, computers are pretty boundless

                    the more you want, the more you pay
                    the more you get, the heavier it becomes
                    lots of "can my system run this game?" questions
                    incompatibilities between various systems

                    ok well this could go on forever, but either way, my comp will plug right into my 50" hdtv and equally my monitor has composite input for ps3 (and anyone can buy a dvi->hdmi adapter)

                    the systems both cost about the same if you want true performance, a ps3 + good hdtv + stereo surround sound is gonna net you around 3500$-4000$
                    a good pc + good monitor + surround sound is gonna cost about 2500$-4000$ too.

                    keep in mind the pc uses more power than the ps3 too.

                    both platforms are very powerful. so what if the game was held back for controllers, its supposed to be fun to play not impossible. speed can easily be ramped up if you can handle it.

                    meh whatever.

                    to OP:
                    welcome, you have to forgive the fanatics.


                      Originally posted by KanoBlade View Post
                      You're obviously a troll, but good night.

                      A wise gamer once said "We don't play [systems] we play games..."

                      I'll just leave it at that.

                      Regardless of the platform you're playing it on, enjoy UT3 everyone.
                      Best comment I have ever read on a gaming forum.

                      KanoBlade.... Do you have a PSN ID? Would love to have someone with that type of attitude on my friends list.


                        Originally posted by wisdomWarrior View Post
                        We are on the same team.
                        My whole entire point of making this thread was to prove that we are not on the same team. I would like to be apart of the UT3 community here, however I wasnt met with welcoming arms.

                        Instead I was told my PS3 sucks, and I should buy a high end PC, which is just not possible for me. I dont even have the space in my tiny apartment for a desktop PC, hence the laptop I have.

                        I came here thinking we are all on the same team. I came here to discuss UT3.
                        As soon as I got here I felt like an outsider shunned by all these elitist PC gamers.

                        BTW I have to say, its not all PC gamers, alot of you have stated that the PS3 is just not your preference but its still a good system and it plays UT3 which is why we are all here.
                        Alot of you have shown alot of respect in this thread while still stating your opinions.

                        However supreal and a few others, are completely alienating the PS3 users here, and that doesnt speak well for the PC community.


                          Originally posted by ScottUT View Post
                          Nothing wrong with playing UT3 on a console. In fact, console sales are whats going to save this franchise.
                          This is probably true. I wonder if there'll be more people online with the PS3 version


                            PS3 never has compatability issues. I'm happy not having to wonder if my graphics card will handle the game.


                              The PS3 sucks. PC FTW!!


                                Originally posted by supreal View Post
                                Again, this ties in to the fact that the kb mouse combo is a much better input system than the controller. I have been playing PC and console games for many years and for FPS games the kb mouse is the only way to go. UT3 is tame when compared to a game like Q3A or Q4 even. I just don't believe that a thumb controlled joystick can compare with a G5 laser mouse at 2000dpi when you need to perform a split second 180 degree spin to fire a rocket into the chest of the guy who's chasing you from behind.

                                What you said...

                                I just bought that mouse with adjustable weights. The blue and black one. KICKS ***!!!