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    Originally posted by Im a Chef View Post
    ok im not going to argue but this is why I don't like it on a console, unreal has always been on the pc and thats where it should stay. Having a console coming into the mix just killed it a little because the menu was dubbed to the basics and the taunts are gone and all the ut fans know which one im talking about. Gameplay is fine but all the little extras that they took out really hurt the way UT really is. But I see where epic is going they are trying something different which I can respect.

    You learn from your mistakes and gains and epic is learning from the community on what they are saying. And as for cross platforming no way in **** that will work becaise the feud would only get bigger between console and pc. I can go on and on but it will take to long to type so thats just the basics of what I think.
    That's the fault of consoles how? Epic could have easily made a separate menu system for the PC.

    Originally posted by supreal View Post
    Great! So while you're quoting me and not commenting on my actual quote, who do you think would win that match? If you read this thread you would know that I rephrased my original statement and said that the PC is the superior system for FAST FPS GAMES. So I'm not bashing the consoles, I am saying PC's are superior platforms for FPS games. I never said anything about Gran Turismo, did I ?
    Since a mouse and a keyboard are used in the PS3 version, it would only depend on the skill of the person playing. The speed isn't a factor since you can get the PS3 to run the game at PC speeds. And the GT part was simply to rebuff the idea that your previous statement implied about consoles being useless. Since you rephrased it, it makes more sense. But, with a mouse and keyboard available, does it matter if it's on the PC or PS3 since the interface is the same?

    Originally posted by Roulette View Post
    Oh boy is it console versus PC time again?!??! YAY!

    Here's the facts. The PS3 is a decent console. With mouse+keyboard support it offers a mediocre platform for an fps game. With the controller it offers a pretty bad one IMO. But there are a lot of PS3 people out there and this is a big title for the console, which means there is a big market. Likely you'll have a lot of people playing which is good for you.

    There is your ps3 respect. Now, wanna know why those very same ps3 players catch hell from PC players? because epic wasted it's development time on building cross-platform support. Because epic designed an interface that was wretched because it was trying to make it work for multi-platform. Because epic threw out tons of features that were common place in previous iterations of the game. Demorec is broken. We can't copy and paste IPs. Video menu option might as well be non-existent. The list goes on and on. I can't even begin to describe the amount of animosity that those broken features have caused. I've watched so many people throw down the game and turn back to TF2 that I can't even count them all. Now I stare at empty servers. The game play is great, but those little annoyances have turned off many of the UT and 2k* players.

    So yes. We're bitter. It's not your fault. You didn't make epic do it. But you're going to receive some of our rage. Epic severely damaged a franchise in order to kowtow to you and your fellow consolers.

    Sorry if that offends you.
    Actually, it is the fault of PC gamers. BUY the ******* games. Why do PC games sell so crappily (unless they're World of Warcraft)? Obviously Epic saw the potential market on the PS3 and exploited the opportunity to bring UT3 to the PS3 and 360. That's simply a smart business decision when your base isn't being too supportive. You won't see WoW go to consoles since it has millions of subscribers (even people who only played for 1 month and quit at least bought the game). Almost everyone has a PC but UT3 on the PC had very bad sales according to NPD (a market research firm that monitors video game hardware and software sales) whereas Halo sold over a million copies on launch. I guess Microsoft's mass advertising had something to do with it, but still, if UT has such a huge following, where are the sales?

    Originally posted by DS3 View Post
    LOL. Month? I'm buying PC one time in 3 YEARS. And one time per year i'm buying new Video Card for 300$.

    Sorry, im foreign dude.

    And BTW, consoles are DANGEROUS! :O
    So, you're spending let's say $500 (and I'm being VERY conservative here) every 3 years for a complete overhaul and $300 every year for a new video card? Over a 10 year period, that comes to $4500. 10 years is the lifespan of the PS3 or any PS console and games will continue to be released on the platform for 10 years from launch. And I know people don't buy new TVs as frequently as people upgrade PCs.


    I am in no way saying that the PS3 is worse or better than the PC. IF YOU HAVE A HIGH END PC (which is not many people), the PC is the better choice. If you have such a PC, you probably play a lot of games on your PC (like me! I choose all the multiplatform titles that are available on consoles and PCs for the PC, like Oblivion, and I'm a major RTS fan playing AoE3 and its expansions). BUT, if you don't have a high end PC, it'll be easier on your pockets to get a PS3 version. There is nothing wrong with either version since you can use the same keyboard and mouse interface and bump up the game speed to even 105% of the PC speed (5% FASTER than on the PC). If you think the game sucks because it went multiplatform, who is it to blame? You don't see PS3 owners blaming the 360 for Devil May Cry 4 going multiplatform. They're blaming Konami. And if the end result is great (and it looks like it will be), they won't blame Konami. Similarly, it was Epic's decision to make the menu as it is.


      The fact that Epic's reason for consolizing UT3 was to make money will and should not make anyone feel any better about it though.


        Originally posted by Sev1512 View Post
        Stop treating the PS3 like some type of trashy hooker. Almost every thread I see has people bashing the PS3, and saying PC is superior. You should see UT3 community as a whole, rather then telling all the PS3 owners to drink from a different water fountain... There are positves and negatives to owning either version. Stop being so stuck up, thinking your better than PS3 owners because you PC cost you a small fortune.
        I agree with all of the above. The elitists so this series a disservice by ******* on their console brethren. And the fact is both UT2 and UT3 have been designed alongside console versions. UT2k3 was based off a console version of Unreal Tournament 2 that got split into two different names. Unreal Championship for consoles and Unreal Tournament 2003 for PC.

        How many threads do we see here where people obviously forget that? The entire "UT2" series was very much based on a design that originated from consoles. In the very least UT3 was designed in parallel with a console version, to make the game similar regardless of which platform you are on.

        What really is so consolized anymore, about UT3, now? The UI I can buy. Nothing else, that I can tell. Even the server browser is not simplified for consoles, many console games have more sophisticated server browsers now, so I expect this to be refined on both PC and consoles. Epic themselves already said the UI is going to be modified.


          PCS: you maybe have to buy a £1000 POund pc or more but games are £20 cheaper on average and pc can be used to for daily internet use

          PS3: You need to buy PS3 and a pc say £500 for pc and and PS3 £250 with no games and a (hdtv eventually £600)

          PS3: £750 With 40 pound games
          PC: £1000 with 20 pound games

          i personally dont like PS3 but i dont dis PS3 users

          Each to there own but since i moved from ps2/xbox to PC games they are far superior. in design/control


            ultron you dont get it do it, they are modifying it in patches adding some stuff here and there. thats fine, but guess what thats not what the community is asking for. We are asking epic to totally ditch this current menu system and give us something we actually like, want and need.

            we dont want epic to keep current ui, its simple. Change it to what we want. You may say that i dont speak for the whole community but i see a lot more posts on forums saying how they hate the ui then people saying they like it so i think the numbers at least have some merrit.

            epic started unreal and made it into a monster with the mentality of lets make a kool game with menu's that we like and are simple to use but very effective. This current menu system is totally dumbed down. it was obvious day one, everything has a back button and is controlled by up and down movement. Very consolish, we want a menu that a controller could not even operate.

            otherbugs include
            doesnt show players in game server browser, something that been there for a long time. Consoles havent been doing this and epic dropped it
            mouse aiming is dependant on framerate my god i dont see any need for this on earth.
            server redirrect took a month to get working, custom mods and stuff have been on hold since day one for public hosting. ashamed
            editor cooking bugged leaving package copies spread in various unreal folders causing some peoples editors to no longer work without hunting down the mysterious package.
            the dvd is labeled ut3_rc7 release client 7? WTF is anyone even checking stuff for bugs or mistakes.
            Its obvious epic rushed this game to try to make the years end when in reality it should have been delayed.


              Only comment one sentence about all this:
              Imo it doesn't matter on which platform you're playing UT3, as long as you are playing it!


                You can get a decent gaming PC for about €700 (not including monitor/kb/mouse). By that I mean something like E6750, 2 GB DDR2, HD3850 etc. It's not the highest end PC, but it runs the latest games fine at medium-high settings with resolutions such as 1280x1024 or 1680x1050. A PS3 costs what? €500?

                My point: many console gamers say PCs are too expensive, IMO that is wrong. You don't need some overpriced Alienware ****. Also don't forget games are cheaper on PC.


                  Also if you upgrade your PC for about $500 it can probably run the game at least at PS3-level quality settings.


                    also everyone always uses the excuse but never mentions there little tv of theres can cost 600 - 4000 dollars
                    hell of a lot for a monitor donchathink


                      Have fun with your PS3 but just know the game has suffered loss because it was made for a console too

                      A high end PC always performs better than a console , that is just a fact of life

                      I have an XBOX360 that is collecting dust

                      Well, it does make an ok DVD Player


                        Originally posted by Sev1512 View Post
                        Ps3 sucks? Really? It seems to be able to handle your beloved UT3 pretty darn well. Plays pretty much the same with the same features. Maybe PC sucks too then by your standard.
                        With less maximum players, less FPS, etc.



                          can you hear it???? A storms a brewing.
                          the war machines powering up.

                          But seriously guys lighten up on the ps3 crowd, they cant change the problems. This is epics job to fix, direct your anger to them.


                            It's because PS3 sucks.


                            /v/ is down, sorry.


                              PC users (including myself) paid a lot more for our machines. We expect more from them. UT3 caters to that. I'll put the PS3 down all I want. That's personal opinion. If it offends you so much, then maybe you take it to be something beyond opinion... like, false fact. Which is simply not the case.


                                Hunter becomes prey !