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All I want to do is play this game with a joystick!

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    Hey, I figured out how to play this game with my joystick, and configure it any way I like!

    The game has limited support for joysticks, but Logitech's "Profiler" software (download from the Logitech site) enables you to configure any button or axis to perform any keystroke or combination of keystrokes which you ask it to.

    Therefore, just configure the axes with the same key presses which the keyboard uses, i.e. configure the y axis so forward is mapped to the up key, back to the down key, etc.

    This completely bypasses UT3's poor joystick support, because as far as the game is concerned it is getting key inputs, not joystick inputs.

    NB: Logitech profiler can set up similar profiles for any software or game you like, so you can configure it to drive Excel with a joystick... if for some reason you wanted to!

    Of course it would be nice if the game supported joysticks so I could configure buttons within the game itself, but until that happens this method works.

    And if you don't have a Logitech joystick? Can't help you. Maybe your joystick will have something similar, or you can use JoyToKey as suggested by a previous poster.


      At this point ut3 will not see my nyko airflow. It took me a minimal amount of time to get it to work in 2k4 but once i did it was like butter. Going to give joytokey a shot. But it would be nice if it was handled by the game and not external.

      Makes me wonder why gamepad/joystick support was not addressed for ut3. They had it supported via small tweaks in 2k4 Heck I found the post that helped me in 2k4 within the first hour of looking for it. (going on about my second day with about 3 to 4 hours with no success yet)


        i had a few friends who did the controller for movement, and mouse for aiming, and tbh, they kicked a serious amount of@55, so for the record, i'm going to say that in the name of fairness, go with what you are most comfortable with...
        that being said, i'm still trying to get my poor dusty little n50 to work. (i really liked it for 2k4, in that i had more ergonomic consideration for it's placement over my keyboard...)