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    Dear Epic

    First off, thank you for the PS3 version. It's beautiful.

    I am loving the KB/mouse support. My KB doesn't work well (very slow input) but I think that's do to my low quality adapter rather than your code.

    The mouse input works great. So I've started using Controller+Mouse controls.

    However there are a few minor annoyances.

    1) Since people can set games to disable mouse/keyboards, I have to switch control settings when entering/leaving said matches. I have to turn off Invert Y when I switch to mouse, and re-enable it when I switch to a controller. Could you please seperate the Invert Y option to give controllers and mice their own settings? In fact, could you make multiple controller profiles? (Like 5 or so?) Jumping with a controller in my left hand and a mouse in the right is somewhat difficult. I'd like to switch jumping to L1 when I'm using a mouse.

    2) The autosave pauses the game for 4 or 5 seconds. Could you wait to have this done when you quit the match? Or at least do the 5 controller settings I suggested earlier and not have it autosave when you switch between them?

    3) Disable the "reconnect the controller" notification when using mice/keyboards. And enable keyboard/mouse controls in the menu

    4) Enable mouse/kb controls in campaign/offline modes

    Also, people you play with aren't added to the Player's Met list


      Have any of these been patched?


        No none of that has been patched.