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Having major vid problems

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    Having major vid problems

    I just bought a new Toshiba X205-Sli3 laptop and the game seems to be having slow framerates and after playing a map for a couple minutes I have screen flickering to where the game is unplayable. My specs:

    Dual core T7500 @ 2.2Ghz
    2Gig Ram
    Dual nVidia 8600M GT 256MB in Sli mode
    Vista Ultimate with all Hotfixes available installed.

    Now because it's a laptop I'm stuck running a vid driver provided by Toshiba as far as I know so I currently have installed. The funny thing is I'm able to run The Witcher in 1440x900 with all settigs on medium just fine. However with UT3 I'm trying to run at 1024x768 with both settings at 3 and I get some framerate hiccups and the big problem is the screen flickering to where I can't see anything that is going on.

    My comp's getting a Aquamark3 benchmark of just over 107,000 and my 3DMark06 score is around 6600. I have the unregestered versions of both programs so I'm running the basic test included with both programs. So...

    Does anyone have any constructive critisizm on what the problem could be with trying to run this game? Also I understand that some newer laptops are able to have updated drivers installed directly from nVidia instead of the manufacturer (with some loss of the laptop based driver features) so especially if someone else out there is running the game on this or a similar laptop any input would be appreciated.


    It's an nVidia driver bug. Should be fixed soon if it isn't already in the latest drivers.


      wrong forum anyways ... and vista is ****