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Question for all the PS3 players.

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    Playing on a TV in a living room is much more sociable, especially with students etc...


      You assume everybody wants to play this game with a keyboard and mouse? There are plenty of us who have been playing FPS's with console controllers for years, and don't want it any other way. What you are really doing is picking a fight between console gamers and PC gamers. So, consider this: every console that microsoft and sony sells, they are losing money. They are actually taking a loss to sell us their product. Where else does that happen? Certainly not with PC's. Every component you buy for your PC, they are making a profit. So, who is the smarter consumer, the PC gamer, or the console gamer?


        So I'm not the only one that plays with a controller? Anyway I think the Console gamer that way you don't have to spend alot upgradering your ps3 with silly nonsince.


          easy answer

          i chose to get Unreal on the PS3 because i have a PS3.

          contrary to popular belief, a lot of us PS3 owners bought our machine for more than one reason, and more than one game.

          i have an HDTV (40inch 720p LCD Samsung), and i love to watch movies in HD. the PS3 has a built in Blu Ray player, so my HD movie needs are covered.

          but of course, i bought my PS3 primarily for games.

          Resistance is awesome, as is Motorstorm, Virtua Fighter 5, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Folklore, Ratchet and Clank Future, and my personal favorite game of the moment, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. none of these games are available on the PC, and i doubt my PC would be able to run them anyway. oh yeah, and of course, Unreal Tournament 3.

          i don't need one game to justify or validate my purchase, i have quite a few exclusive (and multi-platform) titles to choose from. i've already sunk over $1000 into my PC over the past two years since i built it, and i'd have to sink even more into it to get the video card up to snuff to run Unreal Tournament the way it's meant to be run.

          in truth, there aren't many games on the PC that interest me enough to bother upgrading the hardware.

          Crysis is gorgeous, but doesn't appeal to me, i'm not huge into RTS games (though i do find them enjoyable in moderation), and sim games don't do it for me either. there goes the majority of the PCs worthy genres right there. there are also plenty quality FPS games on the console, that feel and work great on a console's controller, and i don't have to sit at my 19" PC monitor, i can play it in HD, on a big screen tv, on my PS3.

          i'm also playing Unreal Tournament 3 with the controller (just don't feel like hooking up a mouse to the PS3; i already have a keyboard for internet browsing), and i don't have a problem with it, and i've played the game on the PC, and yes, mouse and keyboard is great, but i'm not hurting using a controller, and i have the option to switch if it ever becomes an issue.

          i understand your curiosity, but it's not like us console gamers are wired differently from PC gamers. it's simply about preference. PC gaming is quite an expensive hobby, and not all of us can afford to upgrade as often as is required to play the latest PC games (ie, Crysis). the $600 i spent on my PS3 has been worth every penny (i bought a 60gig back in February of this year), as i hardly ever turn it off, even back then, when game pickings were slim. and i have the convenience of knowing that i don't have to upgrade my PS3 in a year or two, when the latest high tech game comes out.

          Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid will run perfectly fine on the unit i bought in February 2007, and any game released after that will work the same. unfortunately, the same can't be said with much certainty for PC games releasing sometime in the next two years. it's the price you pay for being on the cutting edge, sure. but not all of us can pay that price. a one time console purchase is good for, at least, 6 years (looking at the PS1 and PS2 lifecycles). the video card i just bought two or so years ago is already outdated (i couldn't even run Bioshock on my PC, and it wasn't due to the CPU or RAM; i have plenty horsepower), and i'd much rather spend my money on upcoming PS3 games like Infamous, Little Big Planet, MGS4, FFXIII, White Knight Story, LA Noire, and Killzone 2 than upgrade my video card just to play Unreal and Bioshock.

          i hope that helps answer your query.


            Originally posted by Baran Romis View Post
            I'd like to make one thing abundantly clear before I post my question:

            This is not meant to be inflammatory in any way.

            Ok, now that that's out of the way..

            Why did you decided to go with the PS3 version? For as much as you spent on your console, you could of gotten a pretty **** decent graphics card required to run the game on a PC. For 499$, you could also, assemble a pretty decent machine.

            I'm just confused why people would want to play on a PS3 with a keyboard and mouse when the game was originally designed to play with a keyboard and mouse on a PC. I can't see myself sitting on a couch with a keyboard and mouse on my lap, trying to frag people.. I have enough of a problem with my mouse-pad slipping out from underneath my mouse, I can't imagine having it slide around my couch, or around and off my leg..

            So why did you pick your version?
            I play with a controller. I enjoy the slower paced, less twitchy console version of UT3. Plus I can't play Final Fantasy on PC.

            We are paying 500 to play different types of games, where buying a computer limits us to FPS and MMORPG's


              Originally posted by NakaCoco View Post
              Many reasons...

              - I have a new iMac and it's geared for Speed and Capability, not gaming.
              - PS3 offers all the media and console game perks.
              - KB&M, while sitting in my chair in front of my HDTV, is actually comfortable and the GFX of the PS3 looks great.
              - Don't have to upgrade a computer every couple years to play & enjoy the latest games.
              - The PS3 will be coming out with "Home" and more media centric features.
              - There's a lot of PS3 games that I enjoy and ones that I am looking forward to.

              Those are just the main reasons for myself... I'm sure I can think of more.

              I used to be an avid PC gamer since back in the early 90's (and wasted tons of money on gaming related hardware upgrades)... and used the C64 / Atari prior (**** I'm getting old)... so consoles are just a non-BS experience and cost effective, especially considering the power of the PS3 and reflecting to the longevity history of the PS2.

              KB&M with PS3 FPS games is truly a win win for PC FPS fans like myself. It is the best control scheme for FPS games.
              - Don't have to upgrade a computer every couple years to play & enjoy the latest games.

              yes you do...every couple of years a new console comes out lol


                Because after 12 years of the PC I've grown tired of upgrading it, as soon as you get it on top you get some other conflict or reason something won't work. Too resource hungry too, a lot of your dosh ends up going down the tubes because it's a non specific platform.

                I love PC, just had enough of ending up spending more every time the 'next big thing' comes along. People say PC is cheaper, but if you sit down and work it out properly you're more likely to actually spend more on the graphics card and supporting upgrades than you think.

                There tends to be less S on console, things will work and you don't need to configure your drivers/system for 2 hours before you can play quite frequently every time you get a game, or even on a game that works but releases a patch which kills it.

                Why PS3 version of UT3 over PC? Because I know it'll be pretty solid and I know what I'm getting and don't have to go uprgrading again this year for it.

                Plus, the PS3 is just sexy.


                  Originally posted by Malakai View Post
                  How about this: They just wanted to.
                  Thank you, and good night/morning!


                    As I get older I prefer gaming in an open room with friends on a couch and on a 50'' display then hunched over my desk at a computer monitor that my friends couldn't join in and play as well. Also, not having to mess with PC specs and always feeling like I could tweak the settings to get the best performance.


                      Originally posted by Baran Romis View Post
                      I suppose that works, but I'm interested in seeing more of a reason than that.
                      Well for myself as far as the PS3 itself goes, I have HUGE divx file collection(OVER 1 TB) and the fact of it now plays my favortie movie files directly off of my 300 gig hard drive and coupled with the fact my PS3 was a FREE wedding gift, how could i say no? As far as UT3 goes I LOVE FPS games!! I am a gamer first and foremost as I own the 360 as well as the Ps3 and my choice of this version over the Pc is that I am on one side of the fence as many others are.. your either a Pc gamer or a console gamer.. rarely are you both. I grew up with a controller in my hand ( im 33 this coming January),, and I have tried Pc shooters.. LOVED Quake and The original Unreal game.. b4 all the Tournament games came out. But it just didnt feel "right" to me using a mouse and keyboard. I even tried the gamepads for the old serial ports for a Pc.. but it just wasnt the same kind of experience. I am aware that most Pc gamers state that the Mouse is "superior" to a controller, but as far as my opinion goes.. that isnt the case at all. I am in NO WAY stating that one setup is "better" be it Pc gamers or us console gamers.. but each experience offers a "unique" feel or vibe that the other setup just does not provide, depending on what "TYPE" of gamer you are. Hope this clears up your questions about "why" we would take the Ps3 version over the Pc. Plus the fact I can use my 52 inch Sony Bravia, and my Bose surround sound in the comfort of my own living room as opposed to a room with a pc and monitor is a HUGE bonus for me.. but my intrests will lie in the console area, as the Pc is just not my style of gaming. Also not to forget that we DONT have to update the PS3 for any and every new game that is going to be released that we want to play.


                        If you play many games, pc is cheaper. For every PS3 game you will buy, you pay 70 dollars. I'd spend like 700 dollars a year on games that way. PC is cheaper for me. And yes, you can buy a pc for 800 dollars that can run UT3 perfect, you just have to build it yourself, and theres loads of easy tutorials on how to do that.


                          How the hell is a PC cheaper, if you constantly have to upgrade the beast? Someone please explain this to me...I know PC games are cheaper and all but PCs are not.


                            I have a laptop and you can't upgrade the graphics on them. I also wanted to get it for the PS3 to play on my HDTV and surround sound.