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how to not panic when aiming?

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    Part of the whole thing is about accepting that you will die when you relax and try to kill your opponent, but you will die less and kill more than if you're tense.


      I seem to play at my best when I'm mellow... somehow being happy and enjoying the game is the best way to win. It must have effect on the brains or something but it works, when I'm mellow everything seems to work faster, I think faster, I predict better and the more you enjoy it, the more frustrated your opponent will get and starts to become irrational.


        Originally posted by CaptainZap View Post
        Drink at least (2-3) 40oz bottles of beer. Works like a charm for me.
        lol that's actually true... my own preference is vodka, after a few shots I often get in the zone...

        When I first started out playing UT3, I used to play bots for about an hour a day. I'd set the kills to 20 with instagib, and play until I got a flawless victory, then I'd up the skill level. I still can't beat adept bots {lol}, but it sure as hell got my game up a few notches.

        Also, try playing with the speed freak mutator on for a while, I'd say for at least 20 minutes... when you jump into a normal game it's like playing with low gravity {only it's not}, you might find that betters your aim a bit too.


          I like the conflicting views about being tense and the adrenaline helping you vs being relaxed as possible.

          I have problems with the mental part of the game myself, if I'm in the zone I play better than anyone, but if I put too much pressure on myself (or trying to impress some friend who joined a DM/TDM with me) then I ALWAYS FAIL and play like ****, basically making rookie mistakes.

          Sometimes it helps to be totally calm but get an adrenaline rush right at the end if you're closing out the match. Or the way I like to play is to stay within 5 frags til the end then bust out a spree or a rampage and win the match "from behind". The times I win is when I tell myself to just have fun and f*ck the score. I lose when I'm purposely tryin to show everyone up - then I get down on myself after every insignificant death (surrounded by 6 people nothin I could do, hitscan all over, and flaks everywhere) and bascially that messes up my rhythm.

          Sometimes one tends to panic if it's not a good start to the match, like maybe you die several times before even getting a decent weapon or somethin of the sort. It's hard but you gotta keep your composure and "get hot" at just the right time with that adrenaline so you're not overly jumpy

          That's just IMO, but the mental part of the game is hard as hell for me still - you have to really beat yourself first before you take care of anyone else.


            way to go to revive a year old thread :P

            necrophilia ftw !


              Take a big hit... hold it.... count to ten... let it out real slow. Now go play!


                I could write a book on the most effective smokin while playin UT. You don't wanna be hittin the bong right before the match, because you might end up utterly confused during the first stages )

                So I say you want to take 10-20 big hits and then mentally prepare, and go frag em up about 10 minutes later Sometimes I take that hit while riding gunner in a tank/darkwalker if its some war/vctf and not DM

                I like how this thread got revived though I saw alot of people saying things that confirmed what I thought I did wrong in some aspects of the game, like thinkin too much etc so it was beneficial for me...I was a total noob the first time around when this thread started


                  Originally posted by The Demon Slick View Post
                  Take a big hit... hold it.... count to ten... let it out real slow. Now go play!
                  i've found that extending your arms over head helps to open up your lungs more for more effective saturation...

                  and i think the beeer might not help as much as it does at the club, under the blacklight, when i'm 'jumping on the grenade' for a teammate...

                  relax, play for fun, and the insta gib seems to help me.


                    Well since the thread was already bumped I might as well say something.

                    I'd stay away from the IG tbh. It's a different gametype with different tactics, different firing speed, and a different way of aiming. If you want to improve on your aim, you need to worry about movement first. Aim and movement go together as a pair and if one is weak, the other will suffer. Good aim is nice but if you can't avoid someones fire you may as well not even fight back.

                    Sure you can play IG and learn how to move while avoiding IG players, but that's useless in weapons gametypes. How will you react when you're hit with a rocket that pushes you in the air?

                    Watch the best weapons players; for example, go watch elix get head shot after head shot and notice that he doesn't swing his mouse around, sure his sens is low but he uses movement aim to hit his target as do most of the top players in UT3 and in previous Unreal games. Twitch aim is fine in Quack but it's much less effective in Unreal games for some reason. Movement aim seems to be the best and most effective type for this engine especially with the mouse input issues UT3 has.


                      Originally posted by Lillien View Post
                      Part of the whole thing is about accepting that you will die when you relax and try to kill your opponent, but you will die less and kill more than if you're tense.
                      Are we actually going to kill a living person?